Great Living Room Tips That Offer Style and Comfort

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The living room is perhaps the most used room in the house, closely followed by the kitchen, and designing this communal space can be challenging at the best of times. Functionality should never be compromised for style, as the living room needs to be an area for rest and relaxation that has a warm and inviting ambience. If you are contemplating a living room revamp, here are a few tips on how best to achieve the desired results.

  • Start With a Floor Plan – Ask any interior designer and they will happily confirm that the floor plan is the best place to start. The floor plan should be drawn to scale and should be the blueprint that guides you through the process, with all major furniture items measured and added to the plan. Make sure you leave enough space to move around the room, and if your living room is limited for space, it is even more important to allow adequate walkways.

  living rooms-home decoration

  • Theme the Room – Ideally, the living room should have a theme, which might be modern, contemporary or vintage. One popular theme is to make good use of antique silver, which can effectively be added to a modern setting, bringing some colour and depth to the room. It isn’t essential that you follow this theme throughout the home, although that also works, and if you are lacking inspiration, a Google image search will give you many ideas
living rooms-home decoration

  • Set the Mood with Colour – Light colours tend to be more inviting, such as homely blue and white, or perhaps a beige and cream contrast, and by choosing two light colours, the room will have a balanced look, with perhaps a couple of bright accessories. Dark colours in the living room only work if there is a lot of natural light and the room is large, otherwise, light colours are advised.
living rooms-home decoration

  • Mixing Old with New – The current trend is to either add a few antique pieces to a modern setting or if you prefer, create an antique theme with a couple of modern accessories. There are online antique dealers who can help with sourcing specific items, as they have a network of online associates who can source just about anything, and with a firm budget in mind, they can go to work on your behalf.

  • Wall Art – Wall art definitely has a place in the living room, which should be in keeping with the theme, and with a little trial and error and a helping of creativity, you can eventually come up with a design that makes the best of the available space. Textures such as leather and fabric will add some depth to the room, especially in a vintage setting, while lighting is another essential component to a well-designed room.
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It is always a good idea to think quality when looking at living room furniture and many
homeowner prefer the character of vintage and antique pieces, which can be blended
into a modern setting. The most importand thing about the living room ambience is that
you are comfortable with it and by adding features over time, you can create the perfect
relaxationspace for you and the family.

living rooms-home decoration

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