Duchess Kate-She Wore This Particular Perfume On Her Wedding Day

duschess kate wedding perfume

Duchess Kate's Special Wedding Perfume

Duschess Kate Wedding Perfume
Duschess Kate Wedding Perfume

What the royals wear is becoming a trend: Princess Diana, Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan in particular were and are our absolute style role models. That's why we want to know exactly when choosing her perfumes on her wedding day - and here we can tell you which fragrance Duchess Kate wore on this special day. 
Six years ago, Duchess Kate said yes to Prince William . For the fragrance on this special day in her life, the Duchess was inspired by Princess Diana's choice at the time and also opted for a then still unknown, floral perfume: "White Gardenia Petals" by Illuminum. After it became known that Kate was wearing the essence infused with lily of the valley and gardenias on her wedding day, it was of course immediately sold.

We look back: Princess Diana wore this scent back then

Duchess Kate-She Wore This Particular Perfume On Her Wedding Day

 In 1981, Princess Diana († 36) stood together with Prince Charles (69) in front of the altar: which fragrance she wore on the day of the wedding was only known after the ceremony. On this special occasion, Lady Di relied on a luxurious and previously less known perfume. The essence "Quelques Fleurs" from Houbigant Paris, which smells of jasmine and May rose, has of course become a real classic. According to legend, she is said to have tipped the bottle completely over her dress out of sheer excitement.

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