6 Fashion Rules That Curvy Women Should Whistle For

For many curvy women, the unspoken rules still apply in fashion to rely on black and loose clothing. Do you dare something and try the latest trend? Don't! We disagree, however, and are finally clearing out the outdated fashion rules.
If we have learned one thing in recent years, it is that women with curves can handle their bodies just as proudly and confidently as women with supposed dream dimensions. Perfect has long ceased to exist, and what feels good is allowed - especially when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days when plump women only dared to go out in black sackcloths. It is high time to break with THESE 6 fashion rules!

1. Wear black


Black is great - no question! But honestly: Who wants to be in the all-black look all the time in summer when you can also have a strong yellow or bright red? It is true that dark colours make you slim and skilfully hide one or the other cushion. If the cut of your favourite dress flatters your curves and you just look great, bright wow colours are just the right choice.

2. Crop tops are only for super thin


Total nonsense! It is the combination that counts in the current ubiquitous belly-free trend. Ever thought of wearing the crop top with a high-cut pencil skirt? Or to put on the combination of high waist trousers and a long vest? It is only important that the waistband of your skirt or pants is cut high enough (ideally waist high). So you stretch the silhouette and can still hide a little tummy.

3. The further the better

Kiyonna plus size

Interestingly, it's the other way around. Baggy garments destroy any silhouette and are not particularly advantageous for curvy women. It is much more important to emphasize your chocolate sides. You have a narrow waist Show them off with a nice belt or an A-line dress. Are you proud of your legs? Then a pencil skirt or narrow pants can look totally sexy.

4. Apply patterns

Kiyonna plus size dress

Again, if the cut is right, you don't have to do without patterns. Summer flowers or cool checks - whatever you like is allowed! And if you want to be on the safe side: just combine a pattern piece into a plain colour - this will bring the necessary calm to your look and also set a nice focus.

5. No shorts from size 38

zaful plus size

Even with a clothing size beyond 38, shorts can look cool and casual. Your legs are a little sturdier? Then reach for a longer model and combine it with a long vest or cardigan. High sandals or shoes with wedge heels also stretch visually and conjure up endless legs.

6. Bikinis are a no-go

zaful plus size swimwear

If you feel comfortable in your body, show it! Why should you go for a sleek swimsuit and long swim shorts if you're proud of your curves? Anyone who feels sexy and who is at peace with himself and his body also makes a bomb in a bikini. And let's face it: female curves make a lot more than skinny rattling frames anyway, right?


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