Vintage Ring Styles That Are Making A Comeback


 Jewellery is the same as other types of fashion, and the popularity of designs comes and goes, but will usually come back again at some point. It is the same with wedding and engagement rings, and there is currently a resurgence of vintage designs that people cannot get enough of, creating a new trend. Below are some of the styles that are soaring in popularity that may make you consider going down the same road. 

Geometric Designs

 Like the Art Deco style, geometric designs are increasing in popularity, bucking the trend for floral patterns. The style embraces the geometric designs seen in nature, and Asscher cut diamond is an excellent example of this. It is also common to see a trilogy of stones in these types of rings, and they can be diamonds, rubies, sapphire, or any other kind of gemstone.

Floral Designs

 It is common to find twisted floral patterns in vintage and antique jewellery, and these have been popular for many years. They are still highly sought after but there are new trends such as geometric shapes which are bucking the trend for these floral designs. There is also meaning in the twisted metal of the ring which symbolizes everlasting love, and a common choice is a band like an infinity-style which is also a symbol for eternal love. 


 Filigree is another style that is making a comeback, and this regal-looking design is popular with many people. The intricate detail in the ring's design can make you feel like royalty when wearing it, and there are many excellent vintage and antique options available if you search hard enough. The high-quality and fine details in the ring may find you staring at it for hours as you bask in its beauty.

A Halo Setting

Halo settings are also making a comeback with their popularity on the increase. The halo setting dates to the Art Nouveau period and it was done to resemble a floral design and almost like a flower and its petals. With this design of setting for a ring, it can also help make the gemstones appear larger than they are and is a design that gets noticed and catches the eye when worn. Shopping online is the best way to buy engagement rings in this style, and there is plenty of choices available when you search.

Consider Bespoke As An Option

If you have your heart set on a specific style but cannot find anything that you like, you can always consider having a bespoke ring created. With rare pink diamond engagement rings, many brides prefer it as they’re certain that it will be one of a kind. A modern handmade ring in any design you wish is an excellent investment, and there is not that much price difference compared to off-the-shelf mass-produced jewellery.

You can commission a reproduction of your favorite vintage design and create a ring that is as unique as you are. There are plenty of options available to you when looking for a beautiful ring, whatever the occasion, and choosing a bespoke ring is a decision you will never regret.

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