Spring/Summer 2021 Bag Trends - 7 New Trends

After the middle of February, I think we can talk about the next fashion season. If you wondering what are the spring/summer 2021 bag trends, here are the 7  important trends:

Large pouch pockets

bag trends

Are you one of those people who like to carry around half of their household? Then this bag trend is just right for you: Extra-large pouch bags and tote bags are among the most important bag trends of the season in spring/summer 2021 (as in winter).

Strong colors

These trend bags are guaranteed not to be overlooked. Strong colors, especially neon nuances in pink, yellow and green, make handbags an absolute eye-catcher in the summer of 2021.

 Straw and raffia bags

The classic for the summer season: bags made of natural materials such as wicker, straw, and raffia are also among the most important bags of the season in 2021 - and not just in the form of casual beach bags or picnic baskets. Variously shaped bags with elegant leather details could be seen on the catwalks of the fashion metropoles and in the lookbooks of well-known designer labels.

 Mesh pockets

The classic shopping network will get a stylish makeover in 2021: The big designer labels from Fendi to Burberry to Dior have taken on the bag classic and are sending their interpretations into the race for spring/summer 2021. The result: casually elegant bags that give every outfit an interesting touch.

Neck pouch

After bum bags have become socially acceptable again for a long time, the big fashion houses are paving the way into fashion for another bag that was once worn only for small children and tourists: the neck pouch. The small, flat bags that practically hang around the neck were omnipresent on the runways and in the collections from New York to Paris - and they replace many a conventional necklace. The neck pouch is already one of the absolute trend accessories for 2021!

Briefcases and shopping bags

The latest member of our steadily growing Arm Candy collection will definitely be this elegant specimen in 2021: a square, flat, two-dimensional handbag that is somewhat reminiscent of a file folder. Admittedly: A lot of voluminous things don't fit in there, but every now and then fashion is just about aesthetics.

Bags for water bottles

Two resolutions for 2021: drink more. Less plastic. Some designer labels also think that's good and support us in this project in terms of style. Because with the help of stylish drinking bottle holders including drinking bottles made of stainless steel, the fluid balance is always balanced, and buying disposable plastic bottles on the go is a thing of the past.

I tried to inform you about the 7 spring/summer 2021 bag trends. Have a nice day and thanks for your visit:) If you like my post please feel free to share it.

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