Fashion Trends: 2021 In And Outs

The new fashion trends for 2021 don't even make it difficult to find the right style for you - and to bring the understanding of fashion back onto the radar. The leather dress is not only trendy, but it is also perfect for the Zoom meeting. The knitted dress is on the one hand a real alternative to the jogging suit, but on the other hand, it is also worthwhile for those times when leisure stress is more present than Corona. And the satin dress? Well, thanks to the width, you could theoretically even do yoga in it - but in practice, we prefer to choose it for the date with the partner: in. Or just for the evening with yourself.

These three clothing trends are in 2021 - and these are out!

leather clothes

In: leather clothes
Out: denim dresses

Materials will continue to be relevant in 2021 and will help determine which items of clothing will become a fashion trend and which will not. The winners of this competition for the coming season are the leather dresses, which are simply ahead of the denim dresses in terms of specialty and elegance. Here we prefer to choose mid-length trend models that sit loosely on the body and, at most, find their way back to the figure by emphasizing the waist. Anyone who has to think of an almost irreconcilable fashion trend with the combination of a wide cut and super soft material is not at all wrong. Because: The right leather clothes are as comfortable as a jogging suit - but in a far more fashionable way.

knitted dress

In: Figure-hugging knitted dresses
Out: tweed dresses

The thought of the rigid tweed alone makes us uncomfortable - we learned in the last year that only items of clothing with a stretch content can be long-term. So we quickly suppress the super-tight, uncomfortable cinema in the head and prefer to focus our thoughts on a fashion trend with future potential: the figure-hugging knitted dresses. They outline the body but leave enough leeway to reach for the chocolate after the pizza. Lucky Because during Corona you need at least the opportunity to adapt your fashion trends to the cozy home feeling - preferably of course with an outfit that causes a stir on the doorstep after the endless lockdown.

satin dress

In: Satin dresses
Out: velvet dresses

Isn't elegance worth it in the home office? And whether! It would be a shame to banish your beautiful clothes from sight through external influences. That's why we're making the satin dress - which, by the way, you could already see at Gucci or Balenciaga - the fashion trend for 2021 and try to go on a date with this look at least once a week. When it comes to a satin dress, one naturally thinks of a slip dress, but this material is far more versatile. In 2021, the cuts will break away from the classic template and venture into unknown trend terrain. Fortunately, because otherwise these elegant and special trend dresses made of satin would never have come about, with long sleeves, lots of volume, and draped details in 2021.

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