6 Styling Tricks That Look Great And Cost Nothing

Do you think you always have to dig deep into your pocket for a stylish and cool look? Definitely wrong! We'll show you 6 simple and, above all, freestyling tricks that will upgrade your outfit immediately!

Well, do you have a whole closet full of nothing to wear? We know the problem. We too stand in front of our closet for hours and still find nothing cool to wear. But do you actually know that you can create a completely new look with the pieces from your wardrobe in no time?
Because it's the small details that conjure up an absolute wow look from a beautiful outfit. And that's exactly what we already have in our wardrobe anyway. We'll reveal seven simple styling tricks that you can implement right away and that don't cost a dime.

1: simply knot your belt at the waist

simply knot your belt at the waist
Picture: styleclinic.co

When it comes to accessories, belts are our first choice. Because they look great and are also practical. Instead of wearing them around the waist, as usual, try to knot them artfully around the waist the next time. So you can easily pimp up an otherwise simple dress and accentuate your waist. But a knotted belt also looks great on a long cardigan. Because this makes the simple look immediately more exciting.

2: button your blouse the wrong way

blouse button
Picture: tobi.com

"Please what?" - Yes, we thought that too at the beginning. But this trick is just awesome. Because instead of getting annoyed that you forgot the top button of your blouse, this little "mistake" can spice up your outfit immediately. Another plus point: This trick is also perfect for the business look, elegant and yet not too stuffy.

3: make versatile use of your scarf

versatile scarf usage
Picture: glam.com

We have known for a long time that scarves are no longer just around the neck. Because they also look great as a hair or bracelet. Silk scarves and bandanas are also the perfect handbag accessories. Whether knotted around the side of the handle or completely wrapped around the handle: They give every handbag a new look immediately.

4: Please don't wear sweaters and cardigans anymore

Picture: viennawedekind.com

Sure, sweaters and cardigans tied loosely around the waist, everyone knows that. But have you ever tried to wear your sweater as a scarf replacement, cross body (i.e. across the upper body) or as a stole? No? The time has come. Because this little trick will immediately upgrade your outfit.

5: Get ready, knot!

get ready knot!

Yes, you see: we have a preference for knots. Because after belts and shawls, we also recommend knotting shirts and shirts. The overall look of the outfit then looks much more casual and cool and you can emphasize your feminine curves.

 6: roll up your pants

roll up your pants

Our last and favourite styling trick: It doesn't get any easier or more effective! By rolling up your pants, your legs immediately appear longer, the narrow ankles are emphasized and they give your look a casual touch. Another plus point: If you roll up your pants, you can also wear wonderfully flat shoes without the risk of your figure being visually compressed.

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