October 8, 2018

5 Big Reasons To Wear Casual Style

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Hi everybody !!! How do you feeling ? Summertime is gone and we have colorful autumn now. It' s a little bit cold but for active women it's not a big problem. Moving is life !!! Are you also an active woman? What can be an active womans style? Let' s talk about our styles today. My favorite style is absolutely casual, sporty style with many of accessories. There are too many reasons to choose this outfits. 
What does casual styling means? Actually it means informal dressing for everyday use. But nowadays you can be also chic and stylish with this dressing form. With the accessories that suits to your outfit you can be the star of the day. And there is absolutely a casual style for every taste and size.

casual style

5 Reasons To Choose Casual Style

  1. You feel and you look younger
  2. They are very comfy
  3. You can make many different combinations
  4. You can wear this style everywhere
  5. With a different jacket and shoes you can transfer your bussines casual to a party outfit

casual style

You can see at the pictures some of my favorite casual outfits. As a mother o 3 kids I need to feel comfortable everyday. With high heels and an elegant outfit I can not finish much work :)

casual style

What is your favorite style? What are you thinking about casual styling? I will be very happy if you tell me about that with a comment. Thanks for reading. Stay stylish. Have a nice day. 

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