What should be considered when choosing accessories?

What should be considered when choosing accessories?

Every woman has much jewellery that is indispensable.

But if we want to get a stylish look, we need to use the accessories in harmony. Here are some 'unwritten' rules that we need to pay attention to.

Do not use more than three accessories together

If you like to use large and remarkable accessories, be careful not to use 3-4 pieces of accessories in a combination. Also, make sure that the colours and styles of the accessories you use are in harmony with each other. Few accessories will make you look more elegant.

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Do not use a shawl in large coats

If the collar of your coat and jacket is big, you don't need to wear a shawl. Because the large-collar overcoats alone can capture a stylish look. If you want to wear it, you can choose thin and elegant scarves.

Use of jewellery

If you want to look more elegant, stay away from large pieces and head for a small piece of jewellery.

Should the shoes and bags match the colour? 

You don't have to use the same colours in shoes and bags. If you have chosen a bright shoe, it will look better to use a contrasting colour in the bag.

Watch usage

Stop using sporty wristwatches in evening dresses. Most wristwatches are more suitable for sporty or office styles. You can choose elegant and stone models for evening dresses.

Clothes in pastel tone

When choosing clothes in pastel tones, you should not make the mistake of wearing black shoes. Shoes, soil, nude colours, make sure to prefer.

Ethnic jewellery usage

Be sure to use colourful jewellery made of beads and ropes with neutral coloured clothing.

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