Style Tips From An Expert

Get Style tips from an expert! Famous fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer made some important style suggestions to women in an interview.




Style Tips From An Expert

  • First of all, know yourself and identify the good and bad sides of your body. Where do you want to stand out?
  • Second, buy the right clothing size. Do not choose the size that is too tight for you.
  • Choose your fabric well. Not every fabric will suit everyone.
  • Do you have pale skin or are you dark-skinned? Choose colors that suit your skin.
  • With very exaggerated hairstyles, you can look fatter than normal.
  • Avoid large patterns if you are overweight. Instead, you can choose an outfit with a decollete.
  • Be mindful of your bra selection. Choose bras that fit well on your bust and won't look bad under sheer clothes. You can have large or small breasts. With a poorly chosen bra, defects on the chest are more noticeable.
  • A monochrome shift dress should be in every woman's closet. You can use this with a jacket, tights, socks, or belt when needed.

What should be considered when choosing jeans?

  • Tall, slim, and sporty women can choose Boyfriend jeans.
  • Slim-cut trousers suit short slender women more.



Different problem zones

  • Wide-chested women can wear decollete, but no-frills and eye-catching details. It can keep the narrow hip part narrower.
  • If your tummy is problematic, wear low-waisted trousers and long, flowing blouses. If you wear very high belly trousers, the excess in your lower abdomen will stand out.
  • Wide hips and big butt
  • Straight-cut trousers that fit the hips should be preferred. With long-leg trousers and pointed shoes, the stature can be displayed and the hips can be camouflaged. Round-cut shoe tips make legs look thicker.

Not being curvy is just as problematic as being curvy. If you have no curves and have a straight body, you can get help from push-up BH and shapewear.

With these style tips from an expert you can not make styling failures.  Stay stylish stay chic.

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