Active Monday-20 Minute Upper Body Strength Training & Couscous Salad


Hello everyone. It's a new week and a new Active Monday post again! After waiting for months, I finally got a vaccine :) I got the Biontech vaccine. For the first two days, my arm hurt a little and I felt a little tired, but now I am very well. I hope everyone who needs a vaccine can be vaccinated as soon as possible.
It's summer and we're wearing sleeveless tops and dresses. The best way to make our arms look nice and tight is to exercise. That's why I'm adding an upper body workout for you today. Next to it, there is a recipe for couscous salad, which is my favorite dish in summer days.

Couscous salad with tomato and cucumber


    200 g couscous
    350 ml vegetable stock (instant)
    1 bunch of spring onions
    4 tomatoes
    1 small cucumber
    Juice of a lemon
    4 tbsp olive oil
    250 g yogurt (3.5% fat)
    1 bunch of parsley

 Preparation steps

  • Transfer the couscous to a large bowl. Bring the broth to a boil and pour over it. Let it soak for 5 minutes. Let it cool down, fluffing it up with a fork every now and then.
  • Clean and rinse the spring onions and cut them into fine rings. Rinse and clean tomatoes. Peel the cucumber. Dice tomatoes and cucumber.
  • Mix together lemon juice and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Mix the marinade, spring onions, tomatoes, and cucumber with the couscous.
  • Season the yogurt with salt and pepper. Rinse the herbs, shake dry, and cut finely. Stir the herbs into the yogurt.
  • Mix part of the herbal yogurt into the salad, serve the rest separately.

20 Minute Upper Body Strength Training

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