Simple Styling Rules For The Perfect Style


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 Simple styling rules for the perfect style

How much time we women waste standing in front of our wardrobe rooted to the ground because we don't know what to wear. From today you can use your time more sensibly: We'll reveal the best tips and tricks for combining clothes! With some simple styling rules, you can have the perfect style ever!

In order to be able to combine clothes in new ways, it is important to know your own wardrobe inside out. But that's not that easy, because wardrobes are real space miracles. Sometimes it even feels like the closet is swallowing clothes and only spitting them out months or years later.
In order to get an overview of your own fashion stock, it is therefore helpful to do a thorough wardrobe inventory twice a year.

In spring and autumn, the cloakroom should be checked part by part. It takes time, but the effort is worth it! This is the only way to show what treasures are hidden in the shallows of the wardrobe and how you can combine the existing clothing differently.

The wardrobe inventory is a good time to try wildly which clothes can be combined. It pays to be brave here. Some combinations look impossible on the hanger but look stunning on the body.

Clearing out the closet: don't throw everything away immediately!

With the wardrobe inventory, you not only keep track of blouses, dresses, etc., you also get to know your own style better. You should part with clothes that have not been worn for over a year, that look unfavourable or that simply cannot be combined.

But sorting out doesn't mean throwing it away: Perhaps a friend will register a need for one or the other part. Looking through, trying and combining is fun and prevents annoying bad purchases: As is well known, women learn from fashion mistakes.

Learning to combine clothes: 3 styling ideas with a white blouse

With just one part, completely different looks can be created. We'll show you how to do this with a simple basic that every woman should have in her wardrobe: the white blouse. By trying to recreate these looks with your clothes, you can learn how to mix and match.
Our tip: Try on the outfits in front of the mirror at home and combine your clothes to create very different styles. You will notice: Gradually you become more stylish and combining clothes is easier for you with every look!

Look 1: Casual leisure style

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The casual styling is ideal for a relaxed stroll through town or a cosy girls' evening. Simply combine a casual sweater and rolled up boyfriend jeans in a used look with a blouse. The super-comfortable sneakers in white set accents.

Look 2: Elegant office chic

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Combined with a blazer, an elegant midi skirt, matching pumps and a classic bag, the result is a classy business outfit. When it comes to accessories, less is more. Simple earrings or a subtle bangle are enough to complete the look.

Look 3: Glamorous party outfit

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This party outfit proves how exciting a white blouse can be. With sequined leggings, pointed heel sandals, rhinestone clutch and long earrings you will be a sexy eye-catcher at every party. 

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