10 Styling Tips For Short Women

10 Styling tips for short women... As a little woman you have to struggle with many difficulties in life: supermarket shelves, concerts with standing room or mirrors hanging too high ...

When it comes to styling, it is not always easy for little women. Pants are generally half a meter too long and in a casual oversized look you look like you're drowning in your clothes. Admittedly, even very tall women don't always have it easy.

But little women do have an advantage: it is easier to cheat yourself with the right clothes bigger than it is smaller. For today's article, I have chosen Victoria Beckham, who is both a short woman and an expert in fashion, as a styling example. If you examine her style, you can find many tips.


Balance volume

Jackets, blouses and shirts with voluminous sleeves are the trend pieces of spring. Even small women can wear bulky clothing. The trick is to find the right combination options. That means: always wear skinny jeans or a tight-cut skirt with a voluminous top.

And with a flared skirt or loose trousers, small women should combine figure-hugging tops or shirts.
Pants extra long or ankle-free

Oh yes, the eternal trouser problem. Most normal pants can not be worn by small women because they are too long. What is a 7/8 pair of trousers for women of normal height fits just right for shorter women.

Fortunately, there are also labels that offer trousers for small women. For example, Topshop has a petite department where all pants are 28 in length. These are ideal for those who are small, as they leave the ankles and ankles exposed. This makes the legs look longer.

Small women who find ankle-free somehow stupid and too hipster-like should go for the other extreme: over-long Marlene pants. The straight cut works wonders on short women and it can cheat some inches too. But please don't overdo it! Under no circumstances should the pant legs drag on the floor.

A-line for an aha experience

Both a flared midi skirt and a culottes conjure up a beautiful silhouette for small women - and cheat a few extra centimeters. With A-line, your gaze is drawn to your waist. In addition, the ankles and ankles, i.e. the narrowest part of the leg, are in focus.
The power blazer

A well-cut blazer makes our upper body appear longer and sets the center of the body perfectly in scene. The blazer looks cool with a wide belt at the waist.

In general, it is beneficial for short women to emphasize the waist and cheat it a little higher. How this works exactly is revealed in point 8.
Layering with a seamless transition

Small women can also wear the layered look. You should make sure that there are as few edges as possible. 

Two is Better

Two-piece suits are a real miracle weapon for little women. If the top and bottom are kept in the same color or pattern, it stretches the silhouette.

But be careful: too large or extremely bold prints can quickly overwhelm small women. So if in doubt, it is better to use finer samples.

Long sleeves

Long sleeves can be used by little women to flatter the figure.

Admittedly, they shouldn't be too long either. Not only does this look strange, it's extremely impractical. Small cuffs or bows and ribbons make the sleeves an  eye-catcher.
Raise the waist

Small women cheat a few extra inches by deliberately emphasizing the waist. High-waisted skirts and trousers are ideal for this.

Little women can also do something for their figure with dresses, jackets or blazers. With a belt or ribbon at the waist, the center of the body comes into focus. This visually stretches and  emphasizes your feminine curves. Win-win!

V-neckline on the shoes instead of the shirt

Pumps and heels with a V-neck, so-called V-neck pumps, are the hottest right now. Great for small women, because the shape of the shoe makes the leg look longer.

The high neck also goes in small

High-necked tops with a stand-up collar? Not a problem for small women either! The only important thing is that the shirt, blouse or sweater does not sit too loosely, but is nicely cut.

7 things little women should never wear

 There are some items of clothing that little women should keep their hands off of ...

1. Oversize

This point is particularly painful this season: Oversize looks wonderfully relaxed and casual, but unfortunately it is difficult for small women - we quickly sink into the masses of textiles.

2. Bell bottoms

The biggest problem for small women: Our short legs and bell-bottoms make them look even shorter. A revival of my flared jeans plus flats look from the early 2000s? Unthinkable for me!

3. Large handbags

With large handbags you are well equipped for any eventuality - but on us little women they quickly appear as if we are on our way to a long weekend instead of going to the office. Better to use medium-sized bags that fit your own proportions.

4. Calf-length skirts & dresses

Calf length is difficult anyway, but absolutely not for short women. Note: For us, skirts and dresses should always end just above the knee.

5. Shoes with ankle straps

They do ensure that the shoe is guaranteed not to slip off the foot - which is actually a pro for small feet - but unfortunately ankle straps also divide the leg so that it appears shorter.

6. Wild mix of colors

Small women should avoid combining too many colors and patterns in one outfit. Fashion experts advise us to have one or two colors per look. Hello, monochrome trend!

7. Hipsters

Short-legs alarm: hipsters are ruining our dream of longer legs. Better to go for a high waist - it visually stretches the body.

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