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The ethnic style with its eye-catching patterns and fringes was an absolute fashion hit as early as the 1970s. Today the boho chic trend is making a comeback.

What is the bohemian style?

Typical of the boho look is eye-catching and wild outfits made of different colours, ethnic patterns and fabrics, which are combined with basics such as jeans and leather.


Important elements ın Boho Style:

The boho style is characterized by flowing white blouses and embroidered tunics, wide-cut, long white skirts and dresses with fringes, cropped jackets, long cardigans and kimonos, and flared jeans. In addition, casual cowboy boots, espadrilles or Roman sandals. Particularly important in bohemian style: the accessories. True to the motto: "More is more" can be accessed properly here. Large belts, fringed pockets, large earrings, chains, bracelets and eye-catching sunglasses should not be missing in the boho look.


Step by step to the boho look

The boho style is particularly popular in summer. This is a very easy way to style the trend:

    Material and colour

    Natural materials and colours are used in the boho trend. Fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet, cypher, silk, leather and faux fur are very popular. These are chosen in simple colours such as white, beige, brown, earthy red and orange tones and dark green.

bohemian style

    Lace, crochet, pattern

    Tops made of lace, crocheted cardigans, dresses and jackets with fringes and colourful embroidery should not be missing in a bohemian style. There is also a selection of eye-catching patterns in bright colours: whether floral patterns checked patterns or entirely in ethnic style.


    Skinny jeans? They are not at all welcome in boho, because here the look has to be one thing above all else: comfortable! Loose-fitting, flowing garments are also often worn in layers. Maxi dresses and wide pants, for example, are very popular.

boho fashion

    The right shoe

    Here too, natural colours and materials are used again. Ballerinas, classic leather sandals and espadrilles with beautiful patterns are particularly popular in summer. Cowboy boots or boots with wide heels are also a good choice in Boho.


The choice of accessories in Boho Style

Accessories are a must in boho style! Here you can choose from a range of elements:


    Silver bangles, woven bracelets or even wooden bangles are particularly popular. Anklets or bangles that are worn on the upper arm are also very popular in Boho.


    The bigger the better! Eye-catching metal earrings with colourful stones and feathers are particularly popular.

boho dress


    Necklaces can also be accessed without hesitation. Combine different lengths with different materials like leather, metals, stones, shells and fringes.

    Hat and headband

    Felt and floppy hats with a wide brim can be ideally combined with a white, girlish boho dress. Headbands with floral patterns and flowers in their hair are also popular to make the outfit even more feminine.


    The choice of handbag can also be unusual and eye-catching. Colourful patterns, fringes and pompons, but also vintage leather are typical of the boho style.


    No matter whether round, square or oval. The main thing is a statement! By the way, round and aviator sunglasses are particularly popular.

boho look

Timeline Boho Style: What is exactly boho style?

Flower power, folklore and freedom - what sounds like the hippie movement has long since established itself in the fashion world in the form of “Boho Chic”. Long floral dresses, ethnic prints, jewelry or feathers - the big catwalks can hardly be imagined without the boho style - but where does the term “boho chic” come from and what makes it so special?


Where does the term “Boho Style” come from?

The term “boho” - abbreviation for “bohème” - comes from an intellectual delimitation in France that stands for a creative free spirit. Above all, artists find themselves in this lifestyle and celebrate their feeling of freedom with a decidedly casual lifestyle - and have been doing this since the middle of the 19th century.

The icons of the boho style

This attitude was also demonstrated by the pioneers of the Boho style, such as the Picasso muse Dora Maar (1907-1997), who delighted the painter with her mysterious beauty and theatricality. She liked to stage herself with long, Persian robes and feathers.

The fashion trend flared up again in the 1960s and 1970s. Models like Veruschka von Lehndorff or Anita Pallenberg mixed their hippie outfits with a good dash of decadence. Designer clothes from Chanel were combined with costume jewelry and dramatic make-up.
In the 2000s, fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller helped the boho look to revive again. In addition to gipsy skirts, floppy hats and vests, the style was combined with cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry in the 00s.

boho bag

The boho look today

“More is more” is the motto of the boho look of the early 2000s. Today, the “Boho Chic” impresses with its simple elegance. The trend has become more metropolitan - there is still enough scope for individuality.
Fashion professionals are now combining flowing dresses and ethnic prints with simple accessories and bags made of natural material. And of course, a pattern is still inextricably linked to the boho look today - the flower print! Whether with simple sneakers or cool boots - boho dresses with floral decorations have long since developed into a fashion classic. In our opinion, one more reason to look forward to the approaching spring! 

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