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Turquoise Boho Accessories & How To Use Them

Turquoise Boho Accessories & How To Use Them

The 90s had all kinds of absurd and beautiful trends. One is back now and is just as beautiful to look at as before.

boho accessories

In the 90s we often stumbled across the current jewellery trend and even then we learned to love it. At some point, however, he was forgotten. We're talking about turquoise jewellery! Around the middle of the 90s, a number of silver-coloured dolphin rings with turquoise-coloured gemstones adorned all kinds of fingers. You could buy the chic rings at the flea market, in perfumeries and boutiques. Now the accessories trend is back and is incredibly diverse.

boho jewelry

New (old) jewellery trend with endless possibilities

Turquoise jewellery is more multifaceted than ever. For example as a simple chain pendant, as a chic earring or as a boho bangle. We'll tell you how to wear the latest hit in jewellery trends.



The so-called clean look is simple and yet extraordinarily chic. Means: You make sure that you only wear a single piece of turquoise jewellery. Best with subtle colours and rather straight cuts.

bohemian style


The boho look is a little more eye-catching and creative than the clean style, but still not less beautiful to look at. On the contrary - the style can ideally be carried out in the summer in the beach club or at the festival. The arms full of jewellery, flowing, airy hippie dresses ... the turquoise jewellery fits perfectly into these outfits.

boho accessories

 Ideally, bright colours or a few simple bangles are combined. The main thing is a lot, the main thing is a hippie. Convincing how we think.
You can also stage your feet for the perfect boho look. Simply combine a few comfortable espadrilles with all sorts of trendy anklets. Et voilà - your look is ready.

Pictures: Pinterest

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