New Fashion Trend #HomeCouture

What Is Home Couture

If something positive arises from the fact that everyone should currently stay at home, it is the many entertaining hashtags that are becoming a trend on social media these days. At first there was about #DressUpFriday (in contrast to "Casual Friday" people show their best outfits for the upcoming weekend). Meanwhile #HomeCouture is conquering the net. A solution for everyone who wants to indulge in haute couture fantasy - from the comfort of their own home.

home couture instagram

After the quarantine period of several weeks due to the current exit restrictions, people around the world are longing for an opportunity to wear something other than tracksuits. George Serventi (@skipdin) first showed a particularly creative way on Instagram and copied runway looks from garbage bags. He posted his design under the hashtag #HomeCouture and encouraged users internationally to also make fashion statements with objects that they have lying around in the house.

home couture instagram

“It is important to use materials that we all have at home. Aluminum foil or garbage bags work particularly well, ”Serventi explains and adds:“ But also cooking pots or broken plates. ”Of course, he always comes up with new creations himself and reaps a lot of likes.

home couture instagram

There are now more than 18.000 images under the hashtag #HomeCouture.

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