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Spring cleaning: With this checklist, you get your chaos under control

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is annoying every year. With this checklist, however, your work is child's play.

Spring is coming - and with it, the home is ready for the first big cleaning campaign of the year.
After the cold winter, it's time to do some work in the apartment or house.
For example, the windows would look forward to proper cleaning again.

To make work easier, we have put together a cleaning plan for you - with which your home will be fit for spring within a few days.

spring cleaning

When should I start cleaning the spring?

But first of all, we ask ourselves when is the perfect time for a spring cleaning. There is no exact date for the start - it also differs from year to year, depending on how long winter lasts.

However, you should start thinking about when to start relatively early on. After all, you have to plan a little time for it and possibly sacrifice a weekend. Usually, however, a good time is always March - because, as the name "spring cleaning" suggests, this is done at the beginning of spring or early in the year. But we are now at home and it's a good idea to do something useful with spring cleaning.

Checklist: You will need these utensils for spring cleaning

To be perfectly equipped for the housework, you should have some cleaning utensils on hand:

  • rubber gloves
  • Cleaning rags, microfiber towels, sponges
  • Broom, hand brush and dustpan
  • bucket
  • Detergents or household products such as vinegar or vinegar essence, oven spray, glass cleaner, detergent etc.
  • Dusters
  • Floor mop

Spring cleaning: Step by step to your goal with the checklist

Of course, you can try to do the spring cleaning on a weekend. But if you prefer to do this work step by step and really thoroughly, you can divide up the cleaning work. Every day you devote yourself to a different place or other rooms in the apartment - for seven days.

spring cleaning

Step 1: clean up the apartment

You can only clean if there is nothing lying around on the floor or on the surfaces of the furniture. Therefore, you should thoroughly put away anything that you do not use regularly or that is in the way of cleaning. This includes, for example, magazines, decorative elements, tubes, DVDs and household items. Take the opportunity to clear out and dispose of things you no longer need.

Step 2: Clean the window

Most would like to avoid this, as it is the most strenuous and takes up a lot of time. It's actually a snap: with a microfiber towel, the panes are first soaped from the inside and outside, so that the coarse dirt doesn't stand a chance.

The windows are then removed and wiped dry. Then it's time for the actual cleaning work: mix water with a little washing-up liquid and alcohol and wipe the windows with a cleaning rag. Then the windows are removed and wiped dry with kitchen paper. You already have a full view again.

Tip: You can use window cleaning to finally wash the curtains again - there is no better time.

Step 3: wipe dust

Day 3 of the spring cleaning can be used extensively on dusting. If the apartment is not cleared of the coarse layer of dust that collects on shelves and other surfaces, all of the cleaning work is of no use - because the dust is distributed to the freshly cleaned areas in an instant.

Always clean from top to bottom when wiping dust, clean dust catchers such as bookshelves and decorative elements, and plants should not be spared thorough cleaning either. Make sure that you always wipe with a damp cloth - this way the dust sticks to the cloth and does not simply collect elsewhere.

Step 4: cleaning the bedroom

From the fourth day, it will be time to take care of the rooms. The order doesn't matter - we start with the bedroom. First of all, it's about the superficial things: remove cobwebs, remove dust from the radiators and clean the door frames. Then the bedding is changed and washed (which should be done regularly anyway) and the mattress cleaning.

Something that is often forgotten but is the source of a chaotic room: the wardrobe. Simply clear it out, sort out clothes that you no longer wear and wipe the individual compartments with a damp cloth. As soon as everything has dried, the clothes are put back in properly - even those that are usually scattered around the room.

Step 5:  cleaning the living and dining room

There are also some construction sites in the living and dining area that you should devote yourself to the upholstery of sofa & co. Must be cleaned, sofa cushions washed and lamps cleaned. Likewise, wipe all tables and chairs with a damp cloth and clear out all shelves and cupboards. As with the wardrobe, clean the inside of everything that has accumulated there in the past few months and then fill it up again with your household appliances and objects.

Don't forget to vacuum the floors in all rooms and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Step 6: clean the bathroom

A hygienic bathroom is the be-all and end-all: Therefore, when cleaning, devote yourself extensively to the sink, the toilet and the bathtub. For example, use a light abrasive and throw away the rags immediately - especially after cleaning the toilet. After all, you don't want to spread the bacteria even further in your home.

You can also dedicate yourself to the yellowed and discoloured joints of your bathroom as part of the spring cleaning. You can do a lot with candle wax, steam cleaner or baking powder.

spring cleaning

Step 7: clean the kitchen

Hygiene is also the top priority in the kitchen - after all, here you prepare food for yourself and others. That is why you have to be particularly thorough here. After you have cleaned all surfaces of dust and dirt, it goes to individual "trouble spots":

  • stove
  • oven
  • microwave
  • Kitchenette
  • Deduction
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • fridge
  • Household appliances (e.g. coffee machine)

Remember that you can clean individual parts such as glass plates or plastic parts from the fridge, microwave etc. in the dishwasher. In addition, the kitchen is so important that you should of course not only carry out such cleaning activities once a year.

When you have completed all of these steps, your home should be ready for spring - and at the same time, you will feel much more comfortable in your clean home.

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