How To Decorating Your Home In Spring? 10 Fantastic Spring Decoration Ideas

Decorating after Easter - what you can use?

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At the end of Easter, the need for beautiful decoration is far from over. Of course, you also want to create a cosy and happy atmosphere afterwards. And since spring is far from over, you can continue to use your spring decorations or replace them with a few others if you get too bored. Only the Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and chicks can now be packed again. Let me show you what options for decorating after Easter.

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What do you decorate after Easter?

Which decoration you choose after Easter depends, of course, on your taste. Some prefer to design just a small corner on the table or dresser, while others also want to design windows, doors, mantelpiece, sofa and other areas in the room.

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So not only vases and decorative figures, as well as beautiful spring wreaths are well suited, but also textiles such as decorative pillows for the couch, tablecloths, curtains and curtains. Everything that is associated with spring but not with Easter is allowed: flowers, branches, bird figures, butterflies, beautiful ribbons, bows and more. This also applies to the colours. Beautiful, subtle pastel colours, but also strong shades of pink, blue, green and yellow are well suited.

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The Easter bouquet becomes a spring bouquet

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Are you such a big fan of the Easter bouquet and don't want to say goodbye to it at all? You don't have to, or at least not quite. Simply take off the Easter decorations and use only the flowering branches instead of decorating after Easter. Numerous shrubs and trees continue to bloom that you can use for this purpose. These include, for example, the cherry, the forsythia, the beautiful false quince, the willow, the almond, the yellow witch hazel, the peach and other fruit flowers, the magnolia and many more. Of course, artificial branches are also suitable.

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And should the flowering period be over, you can still use green branches with their fresh leaves. If the green branches are a little too boring for you, they can also be decorated with a few additional decorations that are not immediately associated with Easter: bows, butterflies, little birds, feathers, artificial flowers and the like match the spring and miss the branches additional charm.

Whether in earthenware jars, vases, jugs, pharmacist glasses or jugs - the flowering branches really come into their own in every jar.
"Green" is also our next keyword. Because in addition to green branches, green plants can also be brought in to decorate after Easter. Plants with light green leaves or young plants are best suited because they look fresh and are best suited for spring. Spice plants, which you can even sow yourself (e.g. basil), are particularly suitable. If you, in turn, create a vegetable patch, you can also use the young plants as home decorations before they come into the patch.

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How to decorate with spring flowers after Easter

The selection of spring flowers is still large enough after Easter so that you can continue to use them as a decoration. Tulips, which are also available in a wide variety of colours and colour combinations, are particularly beautiful. But you can also decorate your home with pansies, primroses and fragrant hyacinths after Easter.

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