How Should Be A Dressing Room? 20 Luxury Dressing Rooms

I don't wish to have a more luxurious home and life. On the contrary, I would like to get everything simple. Simple home, simple furnitures e.t.c. But I'm jealous, and I wish there were two things at home: the ironing room and dressing room. Would love to have a separate iron and laundry room both. So the house wouldn't be tidy with clothes.
There's one thing I say I wish to have too: dressing rooms. I wish I could get a dressing room, even a small one. Dressing rooms consisting of wardrobes and shelves with all clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, I think, should be built in every newly built house. I say a little one was enough though, but there are dressing rooms that they are looking just like luxury hotel rooms. I created a list of dressing rooms that I liked on Pinterest.

What should we pay attention to when preparing the dressing room?

  • I think it must be a  window in the room. Garment, bags and shoes will be filled thats why the ventilation is important.
  • Must be enough shelves. If they are covered, your clothes will not be full of dust.
  • Items should be categorized according to the type of wear and season. So it's easy to find what you're looking for. 
  • There must be a staircase or a lift system in order to get the goods at height.
  • Should be a footstool or armchair for shoes or socks to wear.
  • Must be enough lighting.

dressing room

dressing room

If your bedroom is large enough, you can also arrange a part of it with a folding screen as a dressing room.

  • Pictures: Pinterest

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