Weeds-5 Nancy Botwin Styling İdeas From Deria

nancy botwin-weeds-mary louise parker

Were you watching the Weeds Tv Show? I liked every episode. The story of a woman who found herself in the drug trade with her husband's death. I love Mary Louise Parker in the role of Nancy Botwin, who inspires with her clothes. She is my favourite Tv character. Her outfits are also my taste but unfortunately, I am not so slim. With her age, she has a perfect figure. I know that she is vegan and she is living very healthy. 
The show ended in 2006. If you don' t still followed you can find all episodes at Netflix. Although through the years, I still like her style, I add her clothes and her style on Pinterest. (You can also follow me at Pinterest if you want)
I also wanted to add a few inspiring Nancy outfits.

weeds-nancy botwin-mary louise parker

weeds-nancy botwin-mary louise parker

Nancy Botwin Style, Nancy Botwin Shoes

weeds-nancy botwin style

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weeds-nancy botwin

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weeds-nancy botwin style
Do you like this style of clothing? 

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