February 12, 2018

Miley Cyrus 6 Best Outfits-Deria' s Favorites

Myley Cyrus, the crazy pop icon. We watched Hannah Montena's sequence with my son. Over the years she has a rather crazy style of clothing. She was a crazy young girl and later woman, so we were not surprised at the choice of these clothes. To tell you the truth, I did not like her old styling  . But lately we have seen young popstar in elegant clothes and this style suits her well. Her transformation is incredible. It' s really a fashion evolution.  I choose six of my favorite outfits. It was not very easy, she has many beautiful outfits last time. What do you  think about this change in Myley? Is crazy style or elegant style better suited?

celebrity style
A georgeous red dress. 

Her Grammy outfit was my favorite

Sexy but elegant leather dress

Is she not lovely?

Sexy and elegant...

This jumpsuit is very chic. 

I think Myley is a woman that you can always count with new surprises. I hope we can see her with elegant outfits in future too

Pictures: Google

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