This Rosegal Order Maked My Day

Hello to everyone. We are almost done with February and it is quite gloomy and dark. In Austria, there may not be sunshine for weeks in winter. A few days ago, a package that illuminated these dark days arrived. I was so happy that beautiful products came out of the Rosegal order I was looking forward to impatiently. In the meantime, my daughter wants me to buy something for every order. Again she found a product that suits herself. Indeed, Rosegal has such a wide range of products that it is very enjoyable to examine and order products.

I love the green colour. It's also beautiful in jewellery. These green earrings have a peacock pattern. I love them at the first moment and  I've been wearing it ever since.
This necklace in red, yellow and green colours is exactly what I like. It is also very compatible with the red earrings. 
I hope that this green stone ring in the shape of a four-leaf clover brings me plenty of luck this year. 

I love the grey colour every season. I have many clothes and shoes in this colour in my wardrobe. I also ordered this grey bag with pleasure. At the same time, it suits with brown clothes too. 

This wonderful cosmetic bag is very useful. I will use it when I travel. 

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