Which Face Mask Is Right For My Skin?



Which face mask is right for my skin?

The perfect mask for every need

They are available in different textures and with a wide variety of ingredients: face masks. And they all have the same goal: to improve the complexion over the long term. We explain which mask is suitable for which skin type.

Cream masks

Cream masks have a thicker consistency and are therefore particularly easy to apply with a brush or your fingers. Due to their nutrient-rich composition, they have a particularly intensive nourishing effect on the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry and mature skin.

Gel masks

Gel masks provide the absolute freshness kick for your skin! They replenish the moisture stores in no time, care with nourishing ingredients and give a youthful appearance. The result is a plumper complexion with a natural glow. They are usually suitable for all skin types.

Healing earth masks

Face masks with healing clay are particularly suitable for deep cleansing of the facial skin. They are particularly often used on blemished or oily skin. They absorb the excess sebum that clogs the pores to prevent and combat blackheads and blemishes. If you have very dry skin, you should apply a moisturizing serum after using the healing earth mask.

Overnight masks

Overnight masks provide particularly intensive care and the active ingredients from these masks can be absorbed particularly well over the night.

However, they are all the same in terms of application: Use the "sleep" mask once a week instead of the normal face cream. After cleansing, apply to the face, gently work in with circular movements, and off to bed. The next morning you immediately wake up with a fresher complexion. They are suitable for all skin types. Particularly sensitive skin types should, however, test the mask in advance on a small area for compatibility before it lies on the skin all night.

Peeling masks

Mild acids, the finest natural particles (for example from volcanic ash or clay), or enzymes in peeling masks ensure a silky-smooth complexion, as dead skin cells and excess sebum are gently removed. They also refine pores, while the deep cleansing effect counteracts impurities. They are ideal for skin that becomes greasy and prone to blemishes.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks or fleece masks are products made of thin material that is already cut into the shape of the face. They are soaked with special active ingredients and moisturizing serums. Sheet masks are always offered individually packaged, simply unfolded for use, and placed on the face, leaving out the mouth and eyes.

The advantage is that your hands are clean when you use them, nothing drips onto your clothes and you don't have to worry about the correct amount, as these masks already have the right amount of active ingredient in their fleece.

They are suitable for all skin types, as there is a suitable sheet mask for almost every skin need. 

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