6 tips against blackheads

remove blackheads

Blackheads are unsightly and difficult to remove - even when using expensive cosmetic products. Fortunately, the average household is full of natural remedies that can reliably remove blackheads.

Natural remedies that remove blackheads

Blackheads can be a challenge - if you don't know how to remove the unsightly appearance.

Blackheads are bumps (or "plugs") in the skin caused by the buildup of excess oil and sebum in the skin glands.

When the fats oxidize, they darken and give the blackheads their distinctive color.

Blackheads can be quickly emptied by squeezing them out, but they cannot be removed permanently.

6 natural tips against blackheads

Anyone who expresses blackheads soon has the unpleasant experience that they will be back in a few days. So what could be done to remove blackheads once and for all?

remove blackheads

Here are six natural ways you can tackle blackheads:

1. Baking soda removes blackheads

Ordinary baking powder (baking soda) is at least as effective on blackheads as some expensive branded drugstore products. How to remove blackheads with baking soda is very easy!

Make a paste with the baking soda:

To do this, mix a teaspoon of baking powder with two teaspoons of distilled water.

Then the paste is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, massaged thoroughly, and rinsed off. This procedure not only removes dead or damaged skin cells but also loosens the dirt and excess oil that causes blackheads in the first place.

However, do not use the usual baking powder to remove the blackheads, but really only pure baking soda.

2. Lemon juice removes blackheads

Lemon juice is traditionally used for a number of skin problems, such as acne, acne scars, and blackheads.

There are two effective ways that lemon juice can be used to remove blackheads:

First, four drops of lemon juice can be mixed with a tablespoon of sugar (for the peeling effect) and massaged into the affected areas.

This helps remove blackheads and also improves the general appearance of your skin.

The second method for removing blackheads is to mix the lemon with organic natural yogurt, honey, and salt and apply it to the affected areas of the skin like a mask. The mask remains on the skin for 30 minutes and is then carefully removed again.

Here, too, blackheads are prevented, existing blackheads can be gradually removed and the skin is supplied with moisture and nutrients at the same time.

3. Saltwater removes blackheads

Although saltwater makes you think of nasal rinsing for colds or gargling for sore throats, it is not only effective against blackheads, but also against very common pimples.

Saltwater removes blackheads by protecting the skin from excess oil. If saltwater is used daily, you will be able to observe how the number of your blackheads is getting smaller and smaller if you carry out this measure continuously and constantly.

4. Toothpaste removes blackheads

Even your toothpaste can help you fight blackheads and remove them.

Simply rub the toothpaste into the affected area with a toothbrush (different from the one you use to brush your teeth).

This method removes blackheads in two ways:

First, the toothpaste dries out any excess oil that may be on your skin, which is hugely beneficial in preventing any future breakouts.

Second, rubbing the affected area with a toothbrush works like a peeling.

This is a great way to remove existing blackheads while leaving your skin softer and supple.

5. Honey removes blackheads

Honey not only moisturizes and tightens the skin but also effectively removes blackheads when used as a mask.

To make a mask, honey is mixed with cinnamon powder to form a paste.

This mask is applied to the skin and has to be soaked in for a few hours (preferably overnight). Your skin will be significantly cleaner and healthier.

6. Raw egg removes blackheads

If necessary, even a raw egg (or better, several) can help remove blackheads.

Beat one or two egg whites with a teaspoon of honey and apply the mixture to the affected areas of the skin. Leave the egg mixture on for 30 minutes.

Raw egg provides your skin with valuable nutrients and is actually an effective home remedy for many skin problems. With regular use, not only will your blackheads be removed, but also many other skin problems.

However, also remember that your skin can only be as healthy as it is nourished from within. Therefore, make sure you eat a healthy diet with excess alkaline and vital substances made from fresh ingredients.

Since poor intestinal health can also show up in skin impurities, you should - especially if external measures do not seem to help after a few weeks - think about a fundamental intestinal rehabilitation.

You can also use these 6 tips against blackheads at home. If you find our article useful please feel free to share it. 

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