A Simple Home Remedy For Fast Growing Hair

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Long, fast-growing hair with rice water? This home remedy is the ultimate insider tip

Hardly anything is worse than waiting for long hair. Once cut off, it feels like a few years before the mane is back. Not so with the miracle weapon rice water - but is that really true?
Whether special scalp brushes, serums, or vitamins - if you are looking for a useful tip for long, beautiful hair, you will quickly find it. When it comes to accelerating hair growth, there are a lot of curious home remedies on the Internet that should be able to do that. Also, a true hair miracle is rice water.

Rice water makes hair grow faster? What's behind the trend

Rice water should provide the hair with proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which not only give it shine but also act as a real growth booster.  Quite simply, because the basis for long hair is healthy hair. The ingredients of the rice water strengthen the hair and counteract hair breakage.

Even if the trend is not all that new - because even in ancient Japan people soaked their hair in fermented rice water to stimulate growth - it has received more and more attention in recent years. The advantage of this beauty method is that the production of rice water is not rocket science and is very easy to do at home.

long hair

Hair miracle: it's so easy to make rice water

1. Take half a cup of rice (brown or white) rinse off with water to remove any dirt residue. 
2. Then cover it with water and left the mixture to steep for 30 minutes to an hour. 3. In the next step, the rice is mixed with the water until the water becomes milky in color. Then put this in a clean bowl and let it steep again for a day or two at room temperature. 
4. Finally, it is ready to use and can be spread on the hair.
Of course, there are many different ways to use it. Spraying with a spray bottle or use it as a conditioner after shampooing.

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