Ghost Layers-This cut conjures mega volume in thin hair

Shiny, supple hair that falls voluminously over the shoulder is the ideal of beauty. But unfortunately, not all women are blessed with an XXL dream mane: for everyone who is struggling with very fine and thin hair, there is finally a new and ingenious solution. This revolves around a trend hairstyle from Los Angeles, which is called Ghost Layers and promises to say goodbye to flat hair. And the best? You hardly have to pay any length ...

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Trend hairstyle Ghost Layers: This new haircut from L.A. provides more volume

Los Angeles is the hotspot of trendsetting . Exceptionally, the latest hair update is not about beach waves and sun-kissed highlights, but a smart step cut. Ghost Layers is the name of this new technique, which was developed by the professional hairdresser Ramòn Garcia from Beverly Hills and can suddenly be seen everywhere on the social networks. But what makes the trend hairstyle so innovative?

Quite simply: instead of layering the entire hair, which can quickly appear frayed and stale, Garcia only works with steps in the areas under the topcoat. These nestle into the mane so invisibly but give them - as if by magic - more fullness and movement.

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Ghost Layers: This is how the invisible levels of the hairstyle trend are cut

The professional from L.A. works with different levels for the new volume haircut. Particularly important: the section of hair under the topcoat. Here and there it is slightly shortened and gently graded with scissors. The lengths also have to be adjusted a bit with this hairstyle trend. But don't worry: only the tips are shortened so that the look will later look harmonious and the mane will look nice and healthy again. Finally, the top hair is placed over the gentle step cut and et voilà - thanks to the invisible steps, the hair looks significantly more voluminous and dynamic.

Trend hairstyle Ghost Layers: Who likes the volume cut?

Ghost Layers were specially developed for women with fine, very thin or weak hair, but of course, they also work with a normal structure. The only requirement? The mane should be at least shoulder length for optimal results. Short haircuts are less suitable for ghost layers. All that remains to be said: let the hair grow and go to the hairdresser - because this new, super modern trend hairstyle finally announces flat lengths.

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