What Is The No Poo Method? How To Start The No Poo Method ?

No Poo: Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo

With everything many of us do to their hair, it's almost a miracle that they're still there. The dye, smooth, blow-dry and wash with synthetic ingredients every day. And because our hair has got used to it, they quickly become greasy and we have to wash our hair more and more. A vicious circle.

Now there is a trend since a couple of years, that wants to break this vicious circle: "No Poo" - washing hair without shampoo. No Poo is the abbreviation of "No Shampoo". The shampoo-free movement is no longer completely new because washing with natural products and household remedies has been an issue among bloggers and Hollywood stars since 2014. Recently, however, the trend has been on everyone's lips.

No-Poo promises less greasy, well-groomed yet shiny hair - and that either only with natural products, only with water or in the most radical form: without washing. Everything you need: the right brush, the right alternative to conventional shampoo and a little patience.

Why should I avoid shampoo?

Conventional shampoos contain many artificial ingredients that can irritate or even permanently damage our scalp, such as synthetic surfactants, perfumes or silicones. The latter has been discredited in recent years - similar to aluminium in deodorant. The result: More and more shampoos without silicones are now coming onto the market.

This is, of course, a step in the right direction, but other ingredients can also bring our scalp and hair out of balance. The natural pH value of our scalp can become unbalanced through surfactants: the more you wash it, the greasier the hair.

And not only for your own health, more and more people are now avoiding conventional shampoos. Organic shampoos already contain significantly less environmentally harmful ingredients. But if you say goodbye to shampoos and wash your hair with natural, biodegradable ingredients, you also save a lot on plastic packaging. And "radical" No Poo fans don't produce any garbage at all.

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No Poo: The alternatives to conventional shampoo

As different as the natural alternatives are, they all have the same goal: The production of sebum, i.e. natural hair fat, should be able to regulate itself again over time. Because of all the artificial ingredients in our shampoo, our hair has practically forgotten that. You have to try different products until you find your perfect alternative. Because every hair and scalp is different. Many No Pooers also mix the natural substances with one another. Of course, this requires a lot of patience, but the bottom line is paying off.

No poo: washing hair with lava earth 

 Lava earth: the beige-brown lava earth has nothing to do with lava, but is clay, mostly from North Africa. For shoulder-length hair, you need about three tablespoons of lava earth, which you mix with twice the amount of boiling water - the consistency should be rather fluid. In connection with water, lava earth swells and develops a gel-like consistency. The good thing about lava earth: It sucks up dirt and fat, but the hair and scalp are never completely degreased - the natural protective layer of the hair is preserved, the sebum glands are protected. Lava earth is available both as a finished washing gel or as a powder.

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Healing Earth:

 Healing earth is used in exactly the same way as lava earth. The only difference: They come in different variants and colours. For example, red healing earth contains a higher proportion of iron, the green earth contains more minerals - this is particularly suitable for switching because it balances sebum production better. White healing clay is good for fine hair and sensitive scalp.

Rye flour: 

You can buy rye flour either as a grain or already ground. It is important that the flour is as fine as possible, otherwise lumps form in the hair. When using it. Mix 4-5 tablespoons of rye flour with water and add to hair. Then rinse like a normal shampoo. It is important that you do not use any other flour - rye flour is so good because it contains little gluten and therefore does not become dough when combined with water. Whole-grain rye flour is particularly good because it contains many minerals, amino acids and vitamins.


Some testers who already have experience with No-Poo mix coffee with the rye flour. That contained in it Sebum production, i.e. natural hair fat, should be able to regulate itself again over time. Because of all the artificial ingredients in our shampoo, our hair has practically forgotten that. You have to try different products until you find your perfect alternative.

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The no-poo alternative to conditioner

So that your hair does not become dull and lacklustre even without conventional conditioner, there are some natural aids.

Argan, coconut, jojoba or olive oil help against dry tips. It is important that you really only apply the oils in the tips, otherwise, there will be over-greasing. Some swear by the mixture of aloe vera gel and avocado oil - it works like a kind of treatment that can be left in for a long time and then best washed out with healing earth. The same applies here: try out what your hair can best tolerate!
Apple cider vinegar makes hair soft and shiny. Simply mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of 1 to 10, add it to your hair and then (important!) Rinse it ice cold. The cold water closes the hair shaft and thus ensures a smooth surface. In addition, the vinegar has a basic effect, thus neutralizing the pH of the scalp. Depending on the scalp, hair structure and desire, apple cider vinegar can also be mixed with plants such as marigold, dried rose petals, lavender or essential oils (lavender, rosemary, lemongrass). It is important that you put the oil in your wet hair so that it can be better absorbed. A positive side effect of herbs and oils: the hair smells good even without shampoo and does not guarantee vinegar.

No Poo: How often do I have to wash my hair?

Experts advise you to keep your own rhythm so that your hair and scalp do not have to change here too. So if you have washed your hair with conventional shampoo every two days, you should continue washing it every two days with the natural alternatives. After a few months, you can delay the time until your next hair wash by another two days, so your hair slowly gets used to being washed less.

Particularly important: brush properly

Especially with the most radical form of No Poo, the so-called "NW / SO" ("No Water / Sebum Only"), in which neither natural aids nor water are used, the right brushing is the most important thing. Because the sebum, the sebum on the hairline, must be able to be distributed well throughout the hair.

Our grandparents already knew: "A hundred brush strokes a day ensure beautiful hair" - if you brush your hair every day, you can be sure that the sebum is well distributed, which naturally protects and cares for our hair like a cure and also ensures that it doesn't dry out. Regular brushing also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp.

Many experts and bloggers recommend brushes with boar bristles.  If you want to rely on higher quality, you obviously have to dig deeper into your pocket - but it's worth it.

If you are looking for a vegan alternative to wild boar bristles, you can use a natural fibre brush, e.g. with sisal bristles. In any case, it is important that the brush or comb are made of wood instead of plastic and are always cleaned well. Because the sebum is also a breeding ground for fungi and microbes. This is also why the right head care is very important when switching to No Poo. Basic alternatives such as apple cider vinegar help here.

For beginners: organic shampoo without silicones

If the switch to No Poo is too radical for you, the best thing to do is try organic shampoos without silicones: they nourish our hair with natural ingredients without polluting it with unnecessary chemicals - and are at least as effective as conventional products.

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