Active Monday 9 - Ballerina Legs Workout - A Ballerina's 24 Hour Meal Plan

Hello from Active Monday 9. My friends know how I love ballet and ballerinas. I am also a fan of modern dance. That's why I would like to share a ballet workout for legs and the meal plan for ballerinas. As you can see they are eating totally healthy. 

Women who dance ballet professionally have enviable beautiful figures: slim, graceful and well-trained. You need a lot of energy, but at the same time, you have to be careful not to eat too hard. How can this be reconciled?  Snacks come on top, but we have not included them here. We summarize the main meal plans.

A ballerina's 24-hour meal plan

Breakfast: protein and fibre

Ballerinas eating a "dynamic duo" of protein and fibre for breakfast. For example eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread, Greek yoghurt with berries and muesli (without sugar) or even chicken with vegetables, if there is anything left from the previous evening. Absolute no-go in the morning: sugared muesli or a bagel with butter plus fruit juice. These are pure carbohydrates and fat.

Lunch: salad with antioxidants and proteins

It is not surprising: Ballerinas like to eat salad for lunch. With different types of vegetables and grilled chicken. Or as an alternative to chicken with grilled fish. Hard-boiled eggs, black beans or tofu are also good sources of protein. As a further option for lunch, they are eating wraps, preferably with whole-grain tortilla dough. Turkey, avocado, vegetables and tomatoes are suitable as a filling. If the ballet dancers are really hungry, another alternative is soups for lunch. Lentil soups, chicken noodle soups or even minestrones are well suited. If the dancers fancy something sweet for lunch, they can eat whole grain bread with peanut butter and as a topping either pieces of banana or apple. Berries are also allowed. Delicious and energizing.

Dinner: vegetables and proteins

Ballerinas have the biggest meal in the evening. For dinner, there are, for example, chicken, fish, lentils, tofu and tender pork. Vegetables such as broccoli or carrots are on the diet as side dishes, as are cereals. And also brown rice, whole grain pasta and also quinoa help to recharge the dancers' energy stores for the next day. 

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