Active Monday 8 - Fat Burning Aerobic Workout & Pomegranate Smoothie

Hello from 8th Active Monday week. We have to make aerobic workouts for fat burning, body and brain health. But we have also eaten and drink the right foods for our health. Today I have an intense 45 minutes aerobic workout and a pomegranate smoothie recipe for a lot of energy. Enjoy it:)

Pomegranate Smoothie


1 pomegranate1 pink grapefruit1 pear (the ripe, the sweeter the smoothie!)


Cut the pomegranate horizontally all around with a knife and break the two halves apart, preferably over the sink. Hold a pomegranate half with the seeds down firmly in your hand over a bowl and gently hit the bowl with a wooden spoon so that the seeds come off and fall into the bowl. Remove the seeds from the other pomegranate as well. Readout white cuticles, they taste bitter. Place the seeds in the blender, leaving a few seeds for decoration. Peel the grapefruit up to the pulp and cut the pulp out of the cuticles. Put the grapefruit fillets in the blender as well. Wash the pear, cut in half, remove the stalk and core and mash with the pomegranate seeds and the grapefruit fillets in a blender for approx. 3 minutes. Gradually add enough water to achieve a creamy consistency. Pour the pink smoothie into glasses, garnish with the retained pomegranate seeds and serve, or put in the fridge until use.

Full Body Calorie Burning Aerobic Workout

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