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Variety can be a real booster for the skin! That is why we have compiled the latest beauty rules, which you should definitely follow in 2020.

These 4 new skincare rules will make Super Skin in 2020:

1. Protect your skin from blue light

It is now a matter, of course, to apply sun protection every day - even in winter. Not everyone knows about the negative effects of blue light emitted by our computers, laptops, and smartphones. However, recent studies have now shown that the so-called HEV light (High Energy Visible Light) is said to be even more harmful to our skin than UV-A rays. The result: is premature aging of the skin - this is called digital aging.

Therefore, make sure to integrate screen-free times and zones into your everyday life. For example, banish all electronic devices from your bedroom. Avoid eating in front of the TV, computer or laptop and allow yourself daily smartphone-free times. In addition, new products that are specially designed to protect against HEV light counteract a premature skin aging process.

2. Revel in the gold rush

In 2019, photos with gold masks literally flooded Instagram. No wonder, the glittering faces you just like to look at. In 2020, this beauty application is more than just a nice trend on social media. Because there is a lot of power for our skin in the luxurious masks. Gold masks are the perfect preparation for a lavish party night. They revitalize tired skin by stimulating microcirculation - the blood circulation in the smallest skin vessels. Gold also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, making the ingredient a helper against impure pores and pimples.

3. Put on facial massages from the inside

Jade rollers and electronic massage devices have been enjoying great popularity for several seasons, after all, they are considered to be miracle weapons for radiantly beautiful skin. Now a technique has been established that relies on a massage from the inside. Star make-up artist Nichola Joss has created a true cult with the so-called Buccal Massage, whose biggest fans include celebrities such as Kate Moss, Margot Robbie, and Eva Chen. The treatment promises wrinkles to minimize the jaw, stimulate the lymphatic system, strengthen the facial contours and even prevent migraines. The massage takes place in the interior of the mouth and is carried out with the finger. But be careful: Because this is a sensitive body region, you should always consult an expert and not lend a hand.

4. Be a minimalist

Less is more - this motto has not only become popular in fashion but also in skincare. Today, people no longer only use a small number of products in their daily beauty routine but only use products that contain fewer but highly concentrated ingredients. Minimalist care products are primarily intended to prevent allergic reactions to too many opaque ingredients and to preserve the natural protective layer of the skin. Women with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and redness can particularly benefit from this beauty trend. Products made up of ten or fewer ingredients are labeled minimalist care. Products with highly concentrated individual active ingredients made from substances identical to the body, such as hyaluronic acid, have less allergy potential, according to dermatologists.

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