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I've been looking for a black coat from the brand of espirit for a long time. I usually prefer more sports jackets in winter, but some classic stylish pieces must also be in our cabinets for special occasions.
When I looked at the season, the coats were sold at a price of around 150 €. It was a little expensive for my budget and I decided to wait for the discounts. When it came time for the discount, the dress size I wore was gone :)
After all, it was a coincidence that I found the espirit coat that I wanted in amazon. If you ask why you wanted espirit, I like the coats of the brand. Both the models and the stance on me are suitable for my taste and they have good quality.

The coat I bought is an elegant, narrow cut, woollen model that can be used with a raised collar or folded. There is a zipper inside and it can also be closed with snaps.

There is a fairly large collection of espirit clothes on Amazon

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