Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream - A Real Allrounder

What if I told you today that I will introduce a cream that is good for almost any skin problem? A cream that you can save both money and space in your closet that even famous names like Reese Whitherspoon cannot give up. Eight Hour Cream from Elisabeth Arden, a brand that has been up to date for years.

Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Your body deserves as much care as your face. This rich care product provides your skin with the moisture it needs to avoid becoming dry or brittle.


Leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturizes it for up to eight hours.
Apply liberally to the body. You can also use the face protection product, or lip care product from Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream with the same fragrance and ingredients.

This product is over 30 years at the marketplace, an award-winning skincare product for everyday use.

Elizabeth Arden has encouraged women since 1910 and offers them a diverse product portfolio of scientifically-based skincare products, signature fragrances, and make-up. As a legendary visionary, she was way ahead of her time and always looked at beauty and technology-based care as a whole - the cult brand still believes in these values and continues the mission of Elizabeth Arden. Luxurious and powerful products based on over 100 years of practical beauty expertise.

You can also buy it as a gift set.

Did you ever try Elisabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Before? 

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