Liquid Silk: The New TrendFor A Smooth Skin

Liquid Silk: The New TrendFor A Smooth Skin

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Silk? We associate it with luxurious bed linen, negligees and expensive clothes that nestle weightlessly on the body. However, more and more natural fibres are now also found in cosmetics pots - as a precious miracle ingredient for beautiful skin. As you can imagine and what effect liquid silk actually has on your skin - we have all the details.

Fibre to Protein: You have to know that about silk care

Silk is an old acquaintance in the cosmos of beauty: We know it from pillowcases or sleep masks, which are supposed to protect our skin and eye area against wrinkles, as they otherwise arise during sleep due to constant friction on the cotton cushion. In addition, the proteins of the organic fibres should care for the skin. This works even more effectively if the protein is removed by special processes from the fibres - which are spun by the silkworm - and processed in creams and other facial care. One speaks then also of liquid silk or "Activated Silk".

In order to convert the natural fibres into a miracle ingredient for the skin, there are various technologies. The most innovative and latest method is that of the US company Evolved By Nature, which focuses on a particularly gentle, green and animal-friendly production of silk protein - referred to in the jargon as a fibroin. However, most cosmetics contain silk in hydrolyzed form, which is extracted from the cocoon of the mulberry silk moth.

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This is how liquid silk proteins affect the skin

Silk scarf skin? Take this care literally, because actually silk proteins encase the skin with tender luxury. But everything in order: Once dissolved from the fibres, the protein Fibroin can combine with other materials - with cosmetic oils and active ingredients, for example, or with the human skin cells. So liquid silk activates the cell metabolism and thus supports the natural healing powers and regeneration processes of our skin.

But silk proteins are not only effective inside. They also smooth the skin surface and provide a smooth, delicate feeling. Fibroin also forms a kind of protective film that protects against environmental influences and helps to maintain the natural moisture content of the skin. And: silk balances the pH of our largest organ.

Liquid silk helps against wrinkles

Silk proteins can be used as well as anti-aging care because they counteract wrinkles. The regulated moisture balance prevents dryness wrinkles; In addition, the active ingredient stimulates the body's own collagen production. The fibre protein is needed again for a firm, elastic and firm skin and makes the complexion radiant.

For which type of skin are care products with silk suitable?

Silk is very similar in structure to the human skin and can not only penetrate particularly deep, but it is also very well tolerated. For sensitive skin, the active ingredient is therefore just as in question as for mature or dry skin. Because silk minimizes wrinkles in a particularly gentle way and helps to improve the moisture content. And all other skin types can care for their face with silk proteins - preferably in combination with other, valuable active ingredients.

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