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The covid 19 epidemics, which deeply affected the fashion world in 2020, also affected the makeup and care trends. As people became simpler and more minimal, they started to apply clothing and make-up suitable for home life and to choose care products from more natural products.

We will also see this effect in the 2021 makeup trends, but besides simplicity, there are also makeup trends suitable for those who love more colorful and extravagant.

2021 Makeup Trends

No Makeup Look

no makeup trend

The feature of the simple make-up trend called No makeup look or Dewy Glow is to complete the make-up by applying a little colored moisturizer, highlighter, and colorless lip gloss. Thus, a natural but still well-groomed appearance can be obtained.

Red lips

red lipstick

This make-up, which is applied by applying only colorless mascara and red lipstick to matte skin, creates a striking appearance even though it is simple.



In this make-up that draws attention to the eyes with eyeliner applied in various forms, the only colorless shine is applied to the lips.

Summer Grunge


Summer grunge, which is applied with black kajal and lipstick in blackberry tones, gives a slightly oriental feel.

The 80s

80s makeup

This make-up, made with the neon-colored green and orange eyeshadows of the 80s, is quite remarkable. Striking pink hues or colorless lip gloss are used as lipstick.

As you can see, the 2021 makeup trends offer something for every taste. Those who spend a lot of time at home can choose simplicity and apply colorful make-up to make a change. The choice is up to you.

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