2 Make-up Tips For Young Women

2 Make-up tips for young women

Make-up tips for young women

With make-up we underline the characteristic features of our face and personality. Are you the sporty type and also love naturalness when it comes to make-up? On the other hand, do you love an elegant, self-confident appearance at work? These two looks suit you exactly and are instantly made up with these tips.

2 Make-up tips for young women

The nude look | The business look

Cleaning and care is essential

Before starting makeup, it is very important to thoroughly cleanse the face. Use a gentle wash gel or wash foam for this. Massage in with circular movements or with a face brush and rinse off with lukewarm water. Then dry your face with a towel. The basis for the make-up look is a light moisturizing cream, ideally with UV protection - the fight against premature skin aging is announced.

Look 1: the nude look

Foundation: The basis for a natural nude look is an even complexion. First, cover small wrinkles, dark circles and imperfections with a concealer. Then apply a foundation evenly on the face. Fix everything with a loose powder.

Eyebrows: Shape the eyebrows with an eyelash brush. Choose an eyebrow pencil in a light shade of brown and trace the shape of the brows.

Eyes: Use earthy eye shadow tones for the perfect nude look. Use a light, matte brown that is used to paint soft transitions. The eyeshadow can also be applied to the lower lash line. For a magical lash lash, these are covered with a black mascara on the upper lash line.

Lips: First, use a lip balm to make chapped lips soft and velvety. Then apply a lipstick in a nude shade.

2 Make-up tips for young women

Look 2: The business look

Foundation: For the perfect business look, dark circles and wrinkles are dabbed away with a concealer. Then apply a foundation for an even complexion. You can fix this with a transparent powder. To highlight your individuality, start by contouring your nose, forehead and cheekbones.

Eyebrows: The shape is traced with an eyebrow powder. If you want fuller eyebrows, you should use an eyebrow mask. Important here: The shade should exactly match the color of your eyebrows.

Eyes: First apply an eyeshadow base. You should work with cashmere and nude tones for the movable lid. Draw a thin line of eyeliner with an eyeliner. The eyelashes are curved with an eyelash curler and then expressively given a mascara.

Cheeks and lips: all that's missing for the perfect look is the right blush. For a meaningful business look, we recommend a soft rose shade. For a uniform look, it's best to apply a rosé-colored lip gloss or lipstick.

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