What can be done against dry and chapped lips?

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What is the reason for dry and chapped lips and what can you do for well-groomed lips? 

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  • How do the lips dry?
  •  The most common causes of dry lips 
  • What helps chapped lips? 

Temperatures drop, circles are heated and your lips begin to dry and crack. But not only in winter but also in the summer, many people suffer from dry lips. I will explain why and what you can do about it.

How do lips dry?

 Especially the lip area is a region that tends to dry. Because our lips have some special features. On the one hand, there is a relatively thin layer of skin with almost no subcutaneous oils and sebaceous glands. This means that no lipids can be created on the lips and they have to live without their protective and moisturizing properties. Cold weather quickly reduces moisture on the lips. In addition, the mouth area is subjected to strong mechanical stress. The skin's natural protective barrier is further stretched, and wound healing in the lip area is sometimes greatly delayed. The most common causes of dry lips may be other reasons for the appearance of chapped lips.
Wind and air: wind, cold and dry air can force lips and reduce their moisture.
UV radiation: If there is too much UV light, the lips become rough. The lips have little melanin, which makes it particularly sensitive to sunlight.
Vitamin deficiency: A vitamin deficiency may also be responsible for dry and chapped lips. In particular, the mouth ripped mouth, and dry and cracked lips may be due to iron, vitamin B2 deficiency.
Sleeping with your mouth open: Sleeping with your mouth open can lead to dry lips. The saliva film on the teeth and mucous membranes dry quickly and promote the development of dry lips and bruises.
Neurodermatitis: Patients with neurodermatitis often suffer from dry and chapped lips, even without winter cold and malnutrition. During this time, itching and skin irritation worsens.
Lack of fluid: it sounds minor, but it's actually a common cause of dry lips. Drink at least 1.5-2 litres of fluid per day to moisturize your lips. Water is best suited, but unsweetened tea or low-sugar juices also improve fluid balance.
Saliva: It is your own saliva that sometimes causes dry and chapped lips. We moisten them with the tongue to relieve the tension around the lips. This brings a short-term improvement but worsens the dryness of the lips in the long run. Because when the saliva evaporates, additional moisture is removed from the skin and the lips become even drier.

What helps chapped lips? 

A few on how to get rid of chapped or dry lips. I want to give a hint. There are a few things you need to consider to keep your lips looking healthy and shiny again:
Don't tear your lips: it may be tempting to tear off the protruding skin parts or chew them with your teeth. However, it will only worsen the condition of your lips.

Correct care for chapped lips

 Use lip care products: chapped lips need oil and moisture. Special lip care products can help. For example, there may be Lip Balms that support the healing process with panthenol and make the lips smooth and soft with glycerin. However, do not use care products containing perfumes or other additives. These can make the lips even drier and make symptoms worse.

Daily care improves the condition of the lips 

Honey: cares for the lips and tastes good.
Honey treatment: Honey treatment is a proven drug for dry and chapped lips. To do this, apply a thin layer of honey on the lips, leave for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe the lips with a dry cloth. If your lips are chapped, you can also mix honey with curd cheese and apply it as a mask.
 Sugar peeling against chapped lips: Peeling with oil and sugar also helps against cracked lips. Just mix olive oil and brown sugar, apply the mixture and gently massage the lips. However, do not lick the peeling, otherwise, you will only get moisture on your lips. Sugar exfoliates the skin and olive oil slowly nourishes.
Lip massage with a toothbrush: A soft toothbrush is suitable for gently removing dead skin cells. Work with circular movements on the lip skin. This is not only good for the lips but also promotes blood circulation.
If your lips do not go dry and become painful, you should see a doctor. A dermatologist will treat you better.

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