How To Apply Matt Lipstick To Dry Lips?

matt lipstick to dry lips

We know the problem in autumn and winter in particular: the hot air makes our lips dry and cracked. With this trick, you can still apply matt lipstick to dry lips without any problems.

Properly applying matte lipstick is one of the supreme disciplines. Especially when the lips are dry. Because matt lipsticks make your lips even drier, are more difficult to apply and additionally underline cracks and chapped areas. A real beauty nightmare.

matt lipstick to dry lips

If you still can't let go of the beauty highlight, you should follow this simple trick to be able to apply matte lipstick without any problems.

It's all a question of preparation

Matte lipsticks are not easy to put on the subway on the way to work - it takes a lot of preparation. First, a lip mask is applied. Let it sit for five to ten minutes before gently wiping it away with a cotton pad. Then apply a lip primer. This creates a smooth surface that serves as a base for the lipstick.

matt lipstick to dry lips

Then apply the lipstick of your choice with a lip brush. For longer hold, it is advisable to powder the first layer of lipstick with a colorless powder and then apply a second layer.

matt lipstick to dry lips

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