Men Hair Shaving: Why men are shaving their hair now?

 Men Hair Shaving: The short cut of just a few millimeters is making the rounds on social networks. Soccer stars got bored with the self-shaved hairstyles. First, clear the sink, second, T-shirt off, third, razor, fourth, go to the beard, fifth, with the hair down, sixth, wash the sink, the seventh shower the hair in the tub.

men hair shaving

Final step: Use aftershave, "you can do it, you don't have to". Jugo Ürdens knows how to cut hair. The pop star from Ottakring has been bald for a long time and raps about it. A few days ago, the experienced razor delivered "Survival tips for the quarantine" in his Instagram stories. This includes taking the hair clipper into your own hands. Other men are still practicing what Jugo Ürdens can do. Too much should not go wrong at the moment. The internet is full of tips for the success of a self-cut hairstyle. 

men hair shaving-jugo ürdens

Just recently, a hairdresser told the "Jetzt-Magazin" that man should take care when cutting their bald heads: "Shave over it more often and then check again in the light that you have not overlooked anything." The "NZZ" recommended three Zurich barbers "to choose a length, for example, six millimeters". The "Guardian" found that male actors and soccer players in quarantine are particularly vulnerable to the practical "buzz cut". This is not surprising: Who has more time than all the underutilized football stars? For example, the arsenal professional Héctor Bellerín, who came from Spain and in February had adorned the cover of the Spanish edition of the men's magazine "GQ" with long dark hair, showed himself with a short shaved skull on Instagram, the subtitle of the picture: "Stay home, enjoy the sun. The French international Anthony Martial followed a day later. Here too the accompanying comment was: "Stay home."

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