Benefits Of Rose Water And How To Use It Correctly?

Natural cosmetics: that's why rose water promotes a healthy complexion

With a growing interest in sustainable products, natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly important: when it comes to cleaning and caring for our skin, rose water is currently very popular.

But why actually?

Strictly speaking, rose water is a by-product that is obtained from the complex production of rose oil. The distillation of the rose petals creates the so-called rose hydrolate: a condensate that contains the rose's essential oils. For this reason, the rose water obtained is also referred to as ethereal water. It does not contain any fats, acids or alcohol, but instead vitamins B and C, pectins and tannins - this can improve the complexion: it has an antibacterial, skin-tightening, moisturizing effect and stimulates the blood circulation. This makes rosewater a very popular ingredient in natural cosmetics.

 How to use the beauty product correctly and why it is relatively expensive is explained below.

That is what makes rose water so high quality

In contrast to an extract from rose petals, which has a cheaper price, pure rose water is more expensive to buy - this is due to the production of rose oil, which is very complex: up to 5000 kilograms of rose petals are required to extract one litre of oil. The ethereal water produced thereby costs up to 50 euros per litre. This makes it a natural and high-quality, but also not very cheap beauty product in the cosmetics industry.

Effect: rose water provides beautiful skin

Due to its health-promoting effect, rose water is primarily used to clean and care for the skin. It not only moisturizes but also fights blemished skin: its ingredients have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect - this narrows the pores, reducing sebum production and removing mid-weight. The etheric water is, therefore "non-comedogenic". And that's not all that Rosenwasser has to offer:

  • it has a decongestant effect
  • it relieves redness
  • it counteracts scarring
  • it neutralizes the pH of the skin
  • it has a matting effect
  • it has an antiseptic effect
  • it has a cooling effect

Another tip: Due to its antiseptic effect, rose water can help fight herpes.

How to use rose water on the face correctly

The natural facial toner is particularly suitable for daily skincare. Apply only a few drops to a cotton pad and use it to clean your skin as usual. The rose water penetrates deep into the pores and removes excess sebum. In the same breath, it provides the skin with sufficient moisture so that even people with dry spots can safely access rose water. After cleaning, once the skin has dried again, you can apply your usual lotion to your face.
Another tip: You can specifically combat isolated pimples with rose water by treating them selectively with a cotton swab soaked in them.

Is rose water suitable for all skin types?

The answer is simple: yes. Since rose water does not contain fat, it is suitable for all skin types. Both for care as well as for cleaning and preventing pimples and blackheads. Its antibacterial effect is even said to help accelerate the skin's natural healing process and counteract possible scarring. Due to its skin-tightening effect, rose water is even touted as an anti-ageing product because it invigorates and moisturizes the skin.
Another tip: rose water has a cooling and decongesting effect. You can intensify this effect by storing the beauty product in the fridge.

Dry scalp: rose water for the hair

Due to its circulation-promoting effect, rose water is not only suitable for skincare, but also for hair. In the form of a spray, it can soothe the itchy, sensitive, or greasy scalp and relieve dandruff by massaging it in for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use it as a kind of conditioner and spray it into the towel-dried hair tips - this provides them with moisture and gives them a natural shine.

Rosewater as a beneficial bath additive

In addition to the previously mentioned modes of action, rose water is said to have a positive influence on the body. This is due to its fragrance, which is supposed to calm and relax the nerves - this is why the ethereal water is also suitable as a bath additive: Simply add a few drops of pure rose water to your bath water so that it can develop its mood-enhancing effect.

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