Active Monday 13 - Quarantane Workout & 3 Tips For Healthy Nutrition İn Home Office

Hello, my dears. It's 13th Active Monday week. Many of us are at the home office now. Actually, I am working in the home office always. Despite all my education and 20 years of work experience, I have found myself working at home for the past few years because I  could not find a job that matches my children school hours. I still can't earn as much as a normal job, but being at home is a luxury.

3 Useful Tips for Healthy Nutrition in Home Office 

 Healthy nutrition in the home office: These 3 tips can work 

The refrigerator is just a few meters away and constantly calls you? Home office - You should know these tips for the home office not to become a weight trap and for a healthy diet. For some, working from home has advantages and for some disadvantages.  You can go to the kitchen more often than necessary, and a snack will be prepared, even if you are not hungry. This returns to you in a short time as weight and fat with decreasing movement.

So how can you achieve a healthy diet in your home office?

 3 Useful Tips for Healthy Eating in Home Office 

Tip 1: Have breakfast in peace. Wilma MacDonald, a US nutritionist, warns that constant snacks are the biggest mistake people make in their home office. Therefore, you should configure your day in a similar way to the office with fixed breakfast and lunchtimes.
Tip: Before starting work, it's best to have breakfast away from the workplace and without distracting your smartphone. Satisfying, nutrient-rich dishes, such as hot porridge or herbal omelette, are the best way to prevent hunger cravings.
Tip 2: Long breaks and healthy snacks You should take a break between meals so that your body has enough time to digest food. Experts recommend about four to five hours. However, not everyone can cope with long food breaks (after all, it's also a matter of habit) and you can have a healthy snack when you feel hungry. It's ok. However, get yourself accustomed to make eating breaks as long as possible. It is important to make healthy decisions as there is very little movement in the home office. This can be fresh fruit with yoghurt, vegetable sticks with curd or hummus, or a handful of nuts. A positive side effect: healthy food is digested longer and helps to stay full.
Tip 3: Keep a Food Diary Nutrition is a very personal matter. You can keep a kind of food diary to find out in which situations you eat (when you get bored? Stress? Distract?) And above all to keep track of what you eat all day long. This helps you control and optimize the eating behaviour in your own four walls. Extra tip: The body may actually be thirsty, and we perceive it as starvation. If you work in the home office, you should have a large bottle or jug ​​of water in your hand and drink it regularly. After all, the body and brain also need sufficient fluid.
 Keep eating and staying healthy with these tips ...

And a nice video to keep you active at home:

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