How To Use The False Eyelashes Correctly-8 Things That You Need For It

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False Eyelashes make a great look and are available in many colors and variants. Half-length false eyelashes look most natural. The eyelashes can be used several times in a row if you handle them carefully. After use, you can carefully peel them off, remove residual glue with alcohol and save them for the next big appearance. An expert from the speyelash gave deriasworld readers some very useful tips:

How To Apply False Eyelashes?

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Apply false eyelashes yourself: what you need for it

  1. 1 set of false eyelashes (half-length artificial eyelashes are recommended for beginners)
  2. Eyelash glue (pay attention to quality and skin tolerance!)
  3. Eyelash curler
  4. tweezers
  5. 1 cut cotton swab
  6. black liquid or gel eyeliner
  7. Black mascara
  8. possibly 1 pair of scissors
Before applying, the eyes must be unpainted and completely cleaned. First, your own eyelashes are shaped with the eyelash curler, ideally slightly bent upwards.

The false eyelash is picked up with tweezers and held on the somewhat fuller side. Now carefully coat the underside of the false eyelash with a little eyelash glue and let it dry slightly. When applying the glue, a small object with a very thin tip should be used, as you usually get too much glue from the tube.

speyelash false eyelashes

Now the prepared false eyelashes are placed as close to your own lash line as possible. The middle of the eye should serve as an orientation point. Now you can try out where the eyelash should sit most effectively. The full-rim of the false eyelash should end at the outer corner of the eye or even protrude a little if you want a "cat-eye effect". Once the perfect place is found, the eyelash is carefully pressed on with a non-absorbent stick. If both false eyelashes are attached, you must then dry a thin line of eyelid directly on the lash line to hide any glue spots. To remove the false eyelashes, treat them carefully with make-up remover, hold on one side and gently pull them off.

false eyelashes


The correct length is very important for false eyelashes because it depends on whether the effect is more artificial or natural. Eyelashes that are too long usually look very unnatural. Therefore, the length of the eyelash tape should be checked before applying. If it is too long, the eyelash band is cut to the appropriate length with scissors.


About Speyelash

Speyelash is a factory with 6-year experience. Their product collections are false eyelashes, false eyelash extensions, and all kinds of beauty makeup and accessories.

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