Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In 4 Steps: This Will Make Your Eyes Even More Expressive

Can you make  your eyes look bigger? With the right eye make-up, everyone can do it. Here are our best makeup tips for big eyes

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Many would like to see big eyes that shine and sparkle at first glance. But not every woman is inherently blessed with it. One has deep-set eyes, the other has almond-shaped eyes, the next wears glasses that make the eyes appear narrower than they actually are. But the good news is that with the right make-up and our tips and tricks, you can easily make up expressive eyes.

Make up eyes bigger in 4 steps: the step-by-step instructions

How can I make my eyes look bigger? Many women ask themselves this question. One thing is clear: if you want to visually enlarge your eyes with make-up, you should not only use eyeshadows and eyeliner but also showcase the entire eye area. We show you how to make up little eyes step by step.

eye makeup

Make your eyes look bigger: 1. The eye shadow

If you choose the right eye shadow, you can make your eyes appear larger and your eyes look more open and alert. Avoid too dark colours, they only make your eyes look smaller. Instead, your makeup should prefer bright eye shadow colours. So your eyes open and your eyes are a lot more expressive.
Make up little eyes bigger: How to find the right eyeshadow shade depending on the occasion.
Small eyes need bright makeup colours that open the eye. Which tone you choose should depend on your complexion and the occasion for which you are applying make-up.

In everyday life, a matte eyeshadow that roughly matches your skin tone is a good choice. Special day make-up can be a bit more noticeable, white or silver tones are also allowed.
For a special event, we recommend that you choose three colour shades. The best is a very light, a nude and a slightly darker eyeshadow colour. The darker shade should definitely suit your skin type. Basically, earth or grey tones are well suited for this.
If you choose an eyeshadow in three colours, you can conjure up an interesting light-shadow effect that automatically makes small eyes look larger.

How the makeup works:

eye makeup

First apply the light shade, pull the brush of the eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eye to just before the middle of the movable eyelid.
Then make up the middle of the lid with the nude-coloured eyeshadow.
Then apply the darker tone from the centre outwards.
Blend the two shades of colour gently upwards and check whether the transition between the colours is smooth.
This unusual look ensures expressive, big eyes and a bright look.

Eye shadow make-up tip for big eyes:

Make-up professionals use a simple trick when applying eye shadow to make their eyes look larger. You need a shimmering eyeshadow in a broken white, which you apply to the inner corner of the eye and directly under the eyebrow (from the highest point to the outside). This works like a lift for the eyes and makes them shine especially.

Make-up tips for small eyes: 2. The eyeliner

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Should you use eyeliner for small eyes or not? It is like this: if you apply eyeliner incorrectly, the eyeliner makes the eye look like a narrow slit and thus appear even smaller, if applied correctly, it does the opposite. For the perfect eyeliner, you should use black eyeliner, for very light skin you should prefer a softer-looking one in dark brown or dark grey. In addition, you should only apply makeup to the upper lid with the eyeliner and pull the eyeliner slightly up to the outer corner of the eye.
The following applies to the lower lid: do without a dark eyeliner and prefer light kohl in beige or white. You apply this as a fine line only to the lower waterline. In this way, the white of the eyeball is optically expanded and the eye is enlarged.

Make your eyes appear larger: 3. The eyebrows

The perfect eye make-up doesn't stop at the eyelashes and the eyelids, beautiful eyebrows are also part of it. Brush each hair of your eyebrow into shape using a brow gel. The swing of your hand should always go up. The individual hairs of the eyebrow may also lie slightly upwards. It also works like an "eye-opener". But make sure that your eyebrows do not look too thick and dark afterwards, otherwise, they could lie like a pressing bar over the eye.

Make your eyes look bigger: 4. The eyelashes

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In the next and last step, it is the turn of the eyelashes. Make-up professionals would never voluntarily do without their beloved eyelash curler. While you really always use the beauty tool, we often leave it out with our simple daytime makeup. The eyelash curler is quickly applied and the effect is unbeatable: perfectly curved eyelashes.

With the help of the eyelash curler, the eyelashes look much longer and due to the swing upwards they have a lifting effect for the eye and open it optically. Make your eyes look bigger without using make-up? So it works too. But to gain even more fullness, you should apply a great mascara to the eyelashes in the next step. It conjures up the perfect volume and great length in the eyelashes.

Tip: Always apply the mascara only after using the eyelash curler. If tinted eyelashes are processed with the pliers, there is a risk that they will break and fall out.

Make up big eyes - four tips at a glance

If you follow our tricks, you can cheat your eyes slightly larger. Always keep the following four rules in mind:

  • Do not use eye shadows that are too dark
  • Use black eyeliner for the upper lid and light kohl for the lower one
  • Styled eyebrows provide an open look
  • Curved and brushed eyelashes open the eyes optically
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