Active Monday 23 - Fig Salad & TikTok Dance

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Hello everyone from the 23rd Active Monday week. I hope everyone is healthy and your motivation is high. Many messages come from you and you write that you benefit from my healthy life and motivation suggestions during the months we are at home. I am so happy that I am trying to motivate both my readers and myself and I am trying to spend the hardest pandemic period in the most positive way for this whole world. After all, we have small children at home and we have to be strong for them too.
Let me talk a little bit about what I chose for you this week by saying that enough emotionality is enough. Cool salads suit well on hot summer days. I have an orange, fig salad recipe today. I also added a TikTok dance video for a little bit of Monday motivation. Dancing at home is a very motivating activity. It also burns plenty of calories :)

Fig salad

healthy eating

250 g
small oranges (2 small oranges)
120 g
ripe fig (2 ripe figs)
2 branches
Lemon thyme
10 g
Manchego (1 piece)
pepper from the grinder

Preparation steps

1. Peel oranges so that all white skin is removed.

2. Using a small, sharp knife, cut out the orange fruit fillets between the cuticles over a bowl.

3. Wash, clean and cut figs. Mix gently with the orange fruit fillets in a second bowl.

4. Wash lemon thyme and shake dry. Pluck leaves and chop finely. Mix in the fruit and let steep for 5 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, cut Manchego into wafer-thin strips using a peeler. Grind a little pepper straight from the grinder onto the fig salad, arrange the cheese on it and serve.

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