Makeup In 5 Minutes


 Although, it is not advisable to apply makeup in a hurry, especially when you have a meeting or something big scheduled when you reach the office here are some tips on how to apply makeup in approximately five minutes.


l The night before, lay out the makeup which you are most likely to use for the next day. This way you avoid losing precious time rummaging in your make-up kit or looking through your drawers for a specific item. It would also be useful if you already have what outfit to wear prepared so you can coordinate your make-up with it.


l Coordinating does not necessarily mean the same colour but it could be complementing colours. Make sure that your face is already cleaned before you put on your make-up to avoid constant wiping and retouching. Apply a light moisturizer on your face before applying foundation. You can also choose to forego moisturizer for the foundation because sometimes the moisturizer needs to be absorbed in your skin before you apply anything else. This may take some time.

l You might find a foundation brush easier to use when in a hurry compared to a sponge. The brush leaves fewer marks compared to the sponge which sometimes leaves streaks on your face. You can also brush some colour on your chin and forehead, only lightly to add some colour in these areas.

l After the foundation, brush on the blush of your choice that goes well with our other makeup to give your cheeks colour. Blend the blush well to avoid looking like a clown. Make sure the bulk of your blush sits on the apples of your cheeks or your cheekbones.

l Depending on what your schedule is for the morning or the day, you can apply just the right amount or more eye shadow if you wish. Brown is a safe colour if you are unsure what colour to use. The eye shadows packed in tubes or cream eye shadows are extremely useful for fast make-up application as you would just have to apply them like lipstick on your eyelids.

l Apply your eyeliner carefully and try to concentrate on the corners instead of filling your eyes up evenly. Even application is difficult to do especially if you are pressed for time. Concentrating on the eye corners will also leave less chance of mistakes.

l Wear the mascara last. Brush your lashes lightly with the mascara brush; add another stroke if you think it is too light.

l Wear your chosen lipstick colour and you are almost set to go. You can choose to apply the lipstick with a lip brush but straight from the tube is faster.

l Brush loose powder over your face to even out any uneven spots. You can freshen up in your office when you arrive if you have spotted some areas that might need tweaking. Last-minute check if you have adequate make-up and you’re all set.

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