Applying Makeup – Make Up Application For All Occasions


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Applying Makeup – Makeup Application For All Occasions

There was a time when girls practised putting on makeup and could accomplish it well with their eyes closed, literally! However, what with the Internet, virtual friends, and the lack of actual social contact, make-up is no longer as important as it once was.

 Sure, your Avatar may be all dressed up to the nines while you are in a bathrobe and rollers, munching on a bowl of (whole-wheat) cereal.

 For those rare occasions that it becomes necessary to get all dressed up, however, you may feel at a loss. It is not as hard as it looks as long as you take a good, hard look at yourself and identify the type of face as well as the skin you have which will determine the type of makeup you need and how it needs to be applied. For example, if one has a round face or a large jaw, for example, it would be handy to have some contouring tips to help make the face more oval, which is the ideal shape.

Make up Products for Applying Makeup:

  •  foundation
  •  concealer
  •  powder
  •  rouge or blush
  •  eye shadow
  •  eyeliner
  •  mascara
  •  lip liner and
  •  lipstick.


The type of foundation will depend on the skin type, oil-or cream-based for dry skin, water- or cake-based for oily skin, and semi-matte water- or oil-based for normal and combination skin. Concealers are used sparingly under the eyes and on problem areas and need to be carefully blended.

 Applying makeup using rouge or blush is the most difficult to choose and wear, but if used properly can solve many problems. The main purpose of rouge is to enhance the natural colour of the skin without exaggeration. If used in excess or not enough, it can make the face look a bit weird. It is available in liquid, cream, or cake form and should approximate the hue of the natural skin; otherwise, it will stand out. It is normally applied to areas that naturally flush, such as the cheeks.

 For a round face, the rouge should be applied from under the cheekbone to the tip of the ear on a diagonal line. For contouring, use a slightly darker shade of rogue. Eye shadow can also enhance the illusion of length when it is concentrated on the inner corner and centre of the eye, blended up and toward the forehead. For a squarish face with a large jawline, the eye shadow should be blended from the middle of the eye towards the outer corner. Blush should be applied from the mid-cheekbone up to the hairline. Round off that square jaw by applying the dark rouge on the sides of the jaw and carry it over and under the jawbone. The lips should be emphasized to bring focus to the centre of the face. If a broad nose is a problem, apply the darker coloured rouge to the sides and lighter shades to the front of the nose to create the illusion of thinness. For a prominent chin, shorten and round it off by applying and blending the darker rouge on the lower part of the chin.

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