Make-up From 50: The Best Make-up Tips


Make-up from 50: the best make-up tips

When applying make-up to mature skin aged 50 and over, modern products such as light-reflecting concealers or primers can easily conjure up a younger look.

But not only wrinkles, but eyes with drooping eyelids can also be made up a few years younger.
Make-up for mature skin - this is how you conjure up freshness on the face

The skin loses its elasticity over the years and becomes drier. Therefore, the foundation should be particularly well-tailored to the needs of mature skin with wrinkles.

Makeup wrinkles? Avoid Them

Modern foundations for skin over 50 are not deposited in the wrinkles.

Rather, they fill in the lines and provide a lot of moisture. This makes the face look younger and the skin plumper. Power ingredients such as hyaluronic acid plump up the skin.
Shadows under the eyes, redness or pigment spots can be perfectly concealed with a concealer. This is only applied where the complexion needs to be corrected a little.

Light-reflecting products catch the light of the sun and make the complexion shine.

Make-up from 50 - a fresh look with light nuances

It is better to avoid dark make-up on the eyes from the age of 50. Dark nuances make the eye area appear harder and wrinkles appear deeper.

Light eyeshadow nuances, on the other hand, make the eyes shine and look wonderfully fresh and vital.

Eye shadows in a practical pen shape are particularly easy to apply. In addition, metallic shimmering products reflect the light and thus distract from laugh lines.

Make-up from 50 works great with light colours:

Red and pink nuances can make a big difference in lip make-up. In combination with subtle eye make-up, fresh colours such as rosé or apricot immediately make the wearer a few years younger.

Lipsticks with ingredients that smooth the skin reduce wrinkles around the mouth. During the day, a tinted lip balm is also ideal for subtle lip make-up.

Blush for mature skin over 50

When applying make-up over 50, it is worthwhile to choose a shade of rouge that matches the lipstick.

Cream blush is great to apply over the foundation with your fingertips and gives the skin an instant glow.

Light nuances such as peach or rosé look particularly beautiful on mature skin from the age of 50. 

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