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Let's do a fashion timeline today and make a journey to fashion history.

From the 19th century to the 1900s, a fashion understanding emerged for fashion, in which simplification in clothing and especially the concept of succinctness was given importance. The damage to the body, which highlights the body shapes and the silhouette, seems to be terrifying and has caused a slowdown in fashion by the doctors. Due to this situation, straight corsets adapted to the front part, which was a new innovation in fashion, as the "healthy corset", which gave an S shape until 1903-1910. Due to its suitability for fashion, however, collars that completely wrap around the neck of women, deep decollete in the top model, tiny fabrics that cover the back, buttoned corsets, long slim-looking fashion clothes have kept up with the fashion. In this period, comfortable dresses made of chiffon and silk with wide sleeves and silk ornaments that shape fashion, apart from tea time, which are the preferences of high-class women, come to the fore. The accessory, which became fashionable among the women of this period, was used as a large and elegant tulle hat decorated with precious stones, artificial flowers, and bows. The fashion of the women of that time and they never let go of their hands are also included in the feathered fan, umbrella, and gloves. To sum up, the 1900-1909 period, in which the pain and horror of women, especially from corsets, was adapted to fashion in a simple and healthy way, but they maintained the atmosphere of romance thanks to the flying fabrics.


 In these periods, women applied a slightly different dimension of fashion. It is the period when the skirt lengths of the dress will not go above the ankles, and it is forbidden. The fashion in which women's hair was determined as short and blunt was foreseen. Ornate and tulle-shaped hats like in 1900-1903. Otriş feathered fan, umbrella, and gloves also showed themselves in fashion during these periods. In addition to these, fashion light, soft silhouettes, large hats are characterized. Skirts are wide at the hips, narrowing down to the ankle. Most of the time, women wore a tunic over a skirt for fashion reasons. They would complement the combination of shoes with high, curved heels, and sometimes they would wear boots during the day and shoes in the evening.


The nightlife of the women of the period is of great importance for them. Fabrics such as satin and velvet, as well as gold and silver, embroidered ornaments, tassels, bows, drapes, and fur borders, were used in fashionable evening dresses. Women prefer cleavage and fishnet stockings and combine their fashion on themselves and it has become a matter of preference. It was fashionable at that time in elegant gentle shoes with pointed tips and bands on them.


In 1930, long skirts, masculine suits, and flared brims appeared in fashion for women. Back opening and décolleté, which were fashionable in 1920, became the fashion for women in this period, as well as leading them to think that they completed their elegance, and fashion became indispensable.


The ladies of this period wore wide and long skirts, movable tops, dresses, very ostentatious and very magnificent fabrics. With its general features in the 1940 period; skirts were thin and fluffy (Dior style), pads were used a lot, and hair accessories were given importance and used in the foreground. Jacket-skirt combinations were at the forefront in these years as well, and they were dressed in accordance with fashion. Shoes were preferred with plain and classic heels. As a hairstyle, the front fluffy, straight, large wavy, romantic hair, dark lipsticks, and thin eyebrows were in fashion.


 The fashion sense of the women of this period was called more harmonious. According to the shoes, the match of the bag was very careful and the combination was made accordingly. At that time, stiletto and Oxford-style shoes were at the forefront as a shoe model and shed light on fashion. The tiny handbags we use today, also called clutches, first shined in the 1950s and became a popular fashion. Back slits were added to pencil skirt models for women to walk comfortably and move better. Polka dot fabrics were very popular. At the same time, corsets that would make us look elegant had become fashionable again in this period. As people turned to sportswear, some changes had come in trousers, some fashion cuts. At that time, the Bermuda (Capri ending under the wrist) cigarette models that ended on the wrist were quite fashionable, and a stylish harmony was achieved by combining them with ballet flats.


We can draw attention to the liveliness of the clothes in the 1960s, with their narrow cut, short and colors. Now, we can say that in a period when the era of long long dresses and skirts belonging to the old years was in the foreground, superminis were at the forefront, classic fabrics were shelved and more vivid floral, striped, patterned fabrics were in fashion. brooches had become an indispensable fashion.

 In 1970-1980 and 1990, women's fashion was more feminine. High-heeled shoes, short shorts, fashion was a period when women's self-confidence peaked and they dressed and adorned freely and carelessly. Skirts were not only mini but also started to be used in different sizes as midi and maxi. Hair and make-up There was more fluffy, vibrant, voluminous, and cool hair compared to other periods. Small curly and fluffy hair was in the foreground for young people. Layered hair and bangs were also the fashion of those years. In the 1980s and 1990s, padded tops, glamorous accessories, and skirt-coat combinations were also very fashionable and became a fashion style that is still in fashion today.


 In the 2000s, more shabby cuts were preferred compared to the previous years. It also influenced fashion, with mostly young girls listening to hip-hop songs. Loose jeans, tracksuits, hooded sweatshirts, sneakers, baggy jean jackets, big chains, and bandanas started to take their place in our closet. Of course, as we entered the year 2000, thin eyebrows, which were fashionable in previous years, were still considered fashionable.



 In 2001, it was cropped tops and loose-fitting trousers, as well as various shaped stonewashed and dyed Jeans. The blouses designed in 2001, inspired by the low jeans fashion of 2001 and the '80s, produced an excellent result even though they were an old-fashioned way.

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