11 Ageless Styling Tips

 Hello to everyone. Today I will give you 11 ageless styling tips that will not go out of fashion very soon and that you can easily use in your daily wear.

1. Knot it! Button blouses to high-waist trousers


How can you upgrade a classic look consisting of high-waisted trousers and a shirt blouse? Very easily! You knot the lower part and create a casual crop top with it. The look always works with jeans, but can also look pretty cool with suit trousers or cloth trousers.

2. Belt loop as a styling tool


Almost every pair of pants has a belt loop - but let's be honest, when do you start using it? The detail can actually do more than just make a belt. You can get a free styling update by threading a beautifully printed cloth or silk scarf through the belt loops, for example. The just hyped XXS belt bags are also ideal for tying them around the hips - even with a skirt.

3. Put your blazer, jacket, etc. on your shoulder


This simple stylip tip has a big impact and instantly makes EVERY look look more elegant. Instead of putting on a jacket or blazer, just put it around your shoulders. I love this style for dresses and blouses - especially for evening dinner dates or events.

4. Show your leg for a WOW look


 All you need for this free styling is three basics that you are guaranteed to have in your closet. The combination of a shirt dress or an XXL oversize shirt with boots and a blazer has an extremely cool effect. Dress classically on top, show your leg and combining the whole thing either with chunky boots for more coolness or with ankle boots for more elegance.

5. Knot shirts


What a knot can change! Not only can you make shirt blouses into a crop top, but you can also customize simple t-shirts with a knot. Oversize shirts (e.g. from your friend) are particularly suitable here. A side knot in the shirt gives the top more shape and emphasizes the waist. You can even style a flowing blouse into a completely new shirt by tying the knot high and tight or even making a bow from the ends.

6. Create an off-shoulder top


You don't have an off-the-shoulder top? No problem! Because this trend can be created with basics from your wardrobe. Either a wide shirt blouse or a cardigan is suitable for this. In both cases, leave the top buttons open and pull the neckline over one or both shoulders. A delicate lace top that you can let flash out looks particularly beautiful underneath.

7. Put pants in boots with a wide shaft


Since last year, knee-high boots have been one of the most important shoe trends! This new shoe alone creates a new silhouette and a new look. To further enhance the effect, you can put your pants - and other models, too - into your wide-leg boots. This creates a casual look in working style that is broken with the elegant boots.

8. Tuck-in style


It continues with fashion trends that are particularly suitable for autumn and winter and cost nothing: I wear a lot of oversize, but always make sure that you can still see a silhouette. How do I do that? By tucking sweaters, sweatshirts or blouses into the waistband. This shows the waist and emphasizes the transition from the upper to the lower part.

9. Pattern mix for individual styling


Checks with flowers, vertical stripes with horizontal stripes and animal prints with polkadots? OH YEAH! A simple and effective styling hack is to mix different patterns and prints together. Everything that pleases can be found here. So that you bring more calm to the look, you can pay attention to a color scheme for the patterns. But different colors also work for extravagant statement looks! My favorite combination: a classic checked pattern with a wild leopard print <3

10. Jewelry layering


 Jewelry is always part of an individual style. The accessories can influence an entire look and even give basics more pep. My favorites: layering necklaces and combining different rings.

11. Mix it! Wear top and dresses with t-shirts

Slip tops, slip dresses and generally delicate tops with spaghetti straps are all the rage. If you want to try out a new style, you can wear these tops or dresses over a simple basic shirt. The effect is pretty big and the best thing is: it doesn't cost anything!

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