Shorts Skirt Combination Suggestions

Midi length; Ethnic patterned, pleated, slit, and floral skirts were among the indispensables of last summer. This summer, midi skirts have started to be replaced by comfortable and short skirts. When we go shopping or visit shopping sites, we come across short skirts in solid colors, polka dots, floral patterns, stripes, leopard prints, and many different patterns. So, how can we combine these short skirts, can we get a stylish look with short skirts? If you have such question marks on your mind, this article consisting of my shorts skirt combination suggestions is for you.

You can have a stylish look with black shorts skirt


If you are tired of always dressing in the same style at elegant invitations, you should make room in your closet for a black short skirt. You can create a wonderful and stylish shorts-skirt combination if you wear a black short skirt with a shirt or a stylish blouse and a high-heeled shoe and complement it with matching jewelry.

Create a comfortable and fresh look with a floral short skirt and a white crop top

We can say that there is a floral patterned piece in almost every summer outfit. Shorts and skirts did not break the rules this summer and took their place with flower patterns. You can create a cool and comfortable combination by wearing a floral skirt with a white crop and white sneakers.

You can combine an oversize t-shirt  with a shorts skirt

One of the essentials for me in summer is oversized t-shirts. However, I was mostly making combinations of oversized t-shirts and jeans, until I realized the harmony between an oversized t-shirt and a short skirt. If the situation is the same for you, you can combine your oversized t-shirts with shorts and skirts, and you can achieve a comfortable and daily style by completing your combination with cloth shoes and hoop earrings.

You can create stylish combinations with leather shorts  skirts

Leather clothes are mostly clothes that look cool. You can draw attention to yourself by combining a leather short skirt, long boots, and a stylish blouse. If you want to wear a leather skirt and get a more casual style, you can combine the skirt with a plain blouse or t-shirt and a white sneaker to achieve the daily look you want.


Knitwear and shorts skirt combination

Plain and patternless knitted blouses come out as savior pieces every summer. You can get a sporty chic look and complete your daily look by combining a shimmery shorts skirt, knitted knit t-shirt, and multiple necklaces.

Create your beach style with short skirts

With the arrival of summer, we started to flock to the coastal areas for vacation. If you are tired of wearing denim shorts every holiday, you can add a new atmosphere to yourself with shorts and skirts. You can combine thin-strapped t-shirts with your shorts and skirts and complete your look with straw sandals.

You can combine plain color shorts skirts with boyfriend shirts

Boyfriend shirts are an indispensable part of this summer. It is one of the savior pieces of this summer, as it can be combined with any style of clothing, whether stylish or sporty. You can combine a solid color shorts skirt with a boyfriend shirt in three different ways.
1. Wear a solid color shorts skirt, a crop top, and sneakers, and slip on a boyfriend shirt without buttoning up, and that's it.
2. Wear a shirt over a solid-colored short skirt and tie the ends of the shirt as you like for a different look.
3. Wear a boyfriend shirt over a solid-color shorts skirt and tuck the left or right side of the shirt into the skirt. This method, which we usually apply in trousers, is also very nice with shorts and skirts.

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