3 Important Tips for Permanent Makeup Despite Face Mask



3 Important Tips for Permanent Makeup Despite Face Mask

Unfortunately, masks are one of the challenges that the corona pandemic has brought to our daily lives. However, we have to wear it for protection as well. If you are a woman who wears makeup, the mask can be problematic. Does make-up smear and deteriorate as soon as you put on the face mask? It's annoying but there is a solution! Despite the mask, we will provide 3 important tips and information for permanent makeup in today's article.

Mask and Makeup

This scenario will certainly sound familiar to you: you take off your mask and find that there is more makeup inside than your face. Isn't that the problem many women have?

But that doesn't have to be the case: we've put together important tips from cosmetologists for long-lasting makeup.

What makeup is permanent under the mask?

First of all, let's get to the basics of mask-resistant makeup: The right products. There are some products that provide perfect and permanent make-up without mistakes. These 3 products will help you achieve a long-lasting make-up.

1. First step with primers

It works like painting walls: primer smoothes the surface and forms the basis for long-lasting makeup. There are special primers for all areas of the face: skin tone, eyelids or lips.

Because the skin in these areas differs greatly, experts recommend using an extra primer for each area. You should not ignore the needs of your own skin. A product that looks good on your friend's face may not be for you.

2. Powder is more permanent than cream

Whether it's foundation, blush or bronzer: "Powder textures are more permanent". This is because they "move" less on the skin. When looking for smudge-free make-up products, you should pay attention to those that promise a more matte finish.

3. Fixing sprays keep makeup fixed

The name already betrays its skill: Setting sprays set makeup. Think of it as a top coat for your nails. The only difference is that Fixing Spray, of course, is not a varnish, but a moisturizing care spray that allows the pigments in your make-up products to adhere better to the skin.

Especially foundation lasts significantly longer.

Do not get make-up under the mask

Basically: products in cream form are more oily. Therefore, rely more on matte textures. But that doesn't mean your makeup has to look boring.

What are the techniques used to keep makeup under the mask?

The most important difference in terms of make-up permanence is not just the products you use. "The application technique also plays a decisive role". With these tricks, you can make a long-lasting make-up despite the face mask.
Less is more: "Basically - with or without a mask - the rule that applies: Less is more! Cover with foundation only where it's really necessary and prefer to work selectively rather than flat". Because one thing is clear: If there is less make-up, the chance of smearing the mask will decrease.

Avoid layers: Reduce the number of products as much as possible. So, for example, use only concealer instead of concealer, foundation and powder.
Plus: Your skin can barely breathe under the mask anyway, so not using tons of products definitely benefits your skin's health.
Creating invisible transitions: There are some nuances between a masterful make-up or a face that looks like it's wearing a painted mask.

Therefore, be sure to switch from makeup-free face to makeup-faced with masterful transitions.
Which lipstick stays intact under the mask?

The same rule applies here: "Matte holds better. Balm and gloss products smear faster." In addition to the texture, the choice of color can also be decisive: in bright shades, if lipstick is applied, it is immediately obvious that the mask has been smeared.

That's why a matte lipstick that looks like your natural lip color is a great choice.
Isn't it worth putting on make-up, as the mask smears the make-up? Bullshit! Now you know the tips you need to make sure your makeup doesn't get on the mask and stays permanent despite the mask. In that case, there is no obstacle standing in the way of applying make-up that will make you feel better and increase your self-confidence during the day. 

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